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Covid vaccine


Evening everyone,im hoping someone can offer some advice from their experiences. I have just been to get my vaccine which was Pifzer not Oxford and was advised the Oxford one would be a better choice so i didnt have it. Now im upset as everyone says diff . Please can anyone though some light on this plz. Ruined my day as got my mind set ready to have it.

Im on metho and hydroxy

Thank u you lovely lot x

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The Astra Zeneca is the Oxford .. so I don’t know why you was told that

Ninnin67 in reply to essexgirl

My mistake ive amnended it

essexgirl in reply to Ninnin67

😂 ... I had the Pfizer, I really don’t know why they would tell you that most people I know had the Pfizer

navitra in reply to essexgirl

Hello, can I ask if you had any sides effects?

essexgirl in reply to navitra

None whatsoever not even a sore arm

There is really so little difference between. All of them are safe for us, all of them are ok with our drugs, and all of them are sufficiently effective to stop us getting serious Covid if we do catch it. And all of them give some of us side effects and others of us none, with no way of telling which you'll be.

So to me the best approach is to take what is on offer. Any vaccine is better than none.

I had the Pfizer one but my husband is going to ask for the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine because Allergy U.K. has recommended that one for people who have had allergic reactions to vaccines in the past (which he has had). I take MTX and Benepali and hydrocortisone and I was fine with the Pfizer one.


Do you mind me asking how much hydrocortisone you take?

Not at all. I have Adrenal Insufficiency so need to take it spread out through the day but my full daily dose is 27.5mg which is increased to double dosing when I’m unwell. Clemmie

Was the Adrenal insufficiency caused by taking hydrocortisone over a long period of time? I'm asking because I was on a high dose for one to two years and now can't get below 5 mg. without issues.

No, I wasn’t taking steroids before I was diagnosed. My endocrinologist doesn’t know why I developed it.


Hydrocortisone is different to prednisone (prednisolone in the UK) Lynn. Whilst they are both corticosteroids the strengths are different so doses will be different. Clemmie's dose wouldn't equate to the same in pred, or yours to Clemmie's, just in case you weren’t aware.

Charlie_G in reply to Barrister

The advice even with a history of anaphylaxis is that the pfizer is still safe unless the person has a known allergy to polyethylene gycol or a history of unexplained anaphylaxis (because that’s also likely to be down to PEG found in food and drink). The current Allergy U.K. advice is that only those with a known PEG allergy or previous reaction to multiple classes of different drugs should avoid the pfizer, previous vaccine reactions are not an issue as long as it’s been established what caused the

The rate remains at 0.001%, so about 10 in every million people, and as I unfortunately discovered for myself, a lot of the tiny number of people having anaphylaxis to the pfizer actually have no allergy history at all, and they can’t yet explain why we’re reacting to it. In any event, from experience, you won’t get quicker treatment for anaphylaxis anywhere on Earth than a covid vaccination centre!! It wasn’t fun, but I have no regrets.

essexgirl in reply to Charlie_G

Yeah they said to me it’s only

If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the vaccine other than that either is fine

Barrister in reply to Charlie_G

We don’t know what caused the reaction. All we know is he had a tetanus vaccination and collapsed a short time afterwards and spent three days in hospital. At first they thought he’d had a brain haemorrhage but ruled that out and decided that it was a reaction to the tetanus jab. He was told never to have a tetanus jab again.


allanah in reply to Charlie_G


Who was it that advised you the Oxford (Astra Zeneca) vaccine would be a better choice Ninnin? This is from NRAS - Which vaccine is best for people with RA? The Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford/Astra Zeneca and Moderna vaccines are considered safe for immunocompromised persons, as they are not live vaccines.

This is from Versus Arthritis - Is one vaccine more suitable than another for people who are on drugs that suppress the immune system? There is no good evidence that one vaccine is more suitable than another for people who are on drugs that suppress the immune system. It may take many months of further research to determine this. If you’re offered the vaccine and delay taking it, then you leave yourself at risk from COVID-19.

I'm having mine next Friday. My h had his this week, the Pfizer. I'm having mine at the same place so expect it to be the same. I'll have whichever is going though.

Deminem in reply to nomoreheels

"I'm having mine next Friday. My h had his this week, the Pfizer. I'm having mine at the same place so expect it to be the same."

Not necessarily true, at least not in my experience. The clinic dispenses what they have stocks in each day. The one I went to had the Pfizer on Friday and on Saturday when I went they changed to the Oxford that morning.

nomoreheels in reply to Deminem

You could be right. Odder things have happened. My next door neighbour had his at the same hospital, same vaccine, yet his wife, same group, had to go to a theatre in the opposite direction, still the same vaccine though. It could be simply down to what they've been given, no different to any other vaccine I suppose. To be honest I don't believe it matters in my case, I'll just be thankful to have either & be on the way to feeling less isolated along with millions of others! 😊

dippyd09 in reply to nomoreheels

I was given the Oxford due to previous allergic reactions to drugs.

dippyd09 in reply to dippyd09

Apologies, that posted on the wrong persons line, my fault.

nomoreheels in reply to dippyd09

No probs. You can delete it if you'd like?

The Pfizer Vaccine offers slightly more protection after the first dose than the others. But they pretty much all offer the same protection after both doses :) I'm in group 6 and still waiting for my invitation :/

Belle76 in reply to chunkypie

On tv they have its Astra Zeneca that offers more protection

Carolsos in reply to chunkypie

I am in group 6 also and I will have any of them!

My Nephrologist when asked this question back in December at a Zoom meeting said " the best one is the one they whack in your arm" A good response I thought. x

I’ve heard that said a few times now!

I have a Nephrologist with a sense of humour and a twinkle in his eyes. He's Irish and if I need to speak to him, I leave a message with his secretary and he always gets back as soon as he can. Or she rings back to say he's in theatre so will get back as soon as he can. Makes all the difference and he said back in January when I was really poorly don't stop RA meds with antibiotics as I've always been told to do as people who have transplants with RA don't stop taking meds as the risk of a flair up is much higher than the minimal difference to an antibiotic. I'm waiting till I need to see the RA team to ask why so many different opinions. I had an horrific time after the jab (end of Jan) and spoke to Nephrologist who was astonished that it'd been 6 weeks with no RA meds as had 4 lots of antibiotics. That on top of my body making antibodies against Covid meant an antibody storm. He said take the RA meds and bed rest for few days. I did feel better after about 3 weeks but it was awful. I wish we had more doctors who are just well nice and do inspire confidence in their decisions which they do discuss with us. lol xx

I am glad you’re feeling better and sorry you’ve had such an awful time after the vaccine. 😢 I agree six weeks is a long time without RA meds .. to start going downhill rapidly. 😑 I hope you are getting back on track now. Have you been advised re the second vaccine? Your Nephrologist sounds great. xx

Love that. So how I feel about it. 👍🏻

Im feeling rather fed up now as was the nurse who "suggested"the Oxford was better option 🤔

helixhelix in reply to Ninnin67

Most nurses are marvellous. However there are a few who really spread poor information, based of half formed knowledge that they’ve heard from odd sources and never checked properly.

I find it shocking that a nurse would say something like that. Stupid person.

As above replys Hopefully it was just the nurses view on this occasion it does happen

The vaccines are are being recommended at present

If any issiues,

it is there is a chance we might not get as much protection but thats all vaccines at present and that could be a reason maybe

cannot understand nurse

Hopefully you get vaccine soon

If was not a medical reason you can go back for the Pfizer

Just reschedule for me

They are both as good as one another so don’t worry.......just make another appointment.... the important thing is to get vaccinated as soon as possible.All the centers just vaccinate with the drug they are we don’t get a choice ...unless our doctors request that we are given a specific jab...and you would have been told if that was necessary.

Same thing happened to me on friday,my pfizer appointment was @ 19.00 got there eager to be fully vaccinated to be told...because I'm on prednisolone I was unable to have the vaccine and to reshedule once I've finished the course of prednisolone which will be in 8 weeks time 🤷‍♀️

shouty in reply to Beau78

I had it and one asked me if I was on steroids which I am . 🤔 only think Dr said was wait till my Chest Infection cleared up

Beau78 in reply to shouty

I have been on 30mg for 7 days then been reduced to 5mg for the next 8 weeks because of a flare up I was baffled to be honest with you it was my second jab as well , was so upset on Friday

shouty in reply to Beau78

Oh I bet you were I do wish we could have clear guidelines or if they don't know just say so. One article I read said they believed if you were immuno suppressed it reduced effectiveness but I'd been on 30mgs for 2 months then 15mgs at present & prob 10mgs for another 2.mth etc. ( for kidney problems. ) I'd be getting it in the Autumn 😕

bubblyalex in reply to Beau78

This has to be wrong otherwise I shouldn’t had either the 1st or second dose?

Summerrain14 in reply to Beau78

Oh how strange you have been told to wait until you are off your steroids. I am on high doses of prednisolone and have been for nearly a year and have had the Astra Zenica Oxford vaccine. My vaccine was done by my own GP surgery who are very aware of all my medications including the high doses of steroids. It may be worth checking with your GP or rheumatology team x

Beau78 in reply to Summerrain14

it was so frustrating to be honest with you ,I will l give my Gp a message on Monday , as it will be 16 weeks from my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine 🤷‍♀️

allanah in reply to Beau78

I'm on steroids, no problem getting jab

bubblyalex in reply to Beau78

I’m on 30mg prednisolone since aug last year and 20mg since January 2020 ... what nonsense is this you’ve been told? Or what have I not been told 🤔

Beau78 in reply to bubblyalex

It's what they told me at vacation centre on friday after struggling to get there after a migraine up at 4.00am full day in work then an appointment with rheumatology in the afternoon I was sat there in total shock and totally fed up I sat in my car for about ten minutes

bubblyalex in reply to Beau78

I bet you were fed up. What craziness and it makes no sense. So many of us are on pred of varying doses. I can understand if someone is on it for an infection (virus) but none of us are. Have rheumatology or your gp said anything about this to you.

Beau78 in reply to bubblyalex

excalty what i was thinking while sat there feeling like a time waster so many of us on pred and on different doses it didnt make any sense to me as i had read up about pred and the covid jab before going down there, my first one i had just come off mtx due to palpitations still on going , sulfalazine i had a reacation to and still given the Pfizer vaccine ?

molly19 in reply to bubblyalex

I'm on high steroids too. Was not told to stop.

As you say, you have had specific reactions to drugs so that makes sense. I was asked about allergic reactions too and that’s part of the screening process as there are rare anaphylactoid reactions. But for most people there is no difference.

How disappointing. Not all docs are good ones. A friends GP said they were live vaccines. Where he got that from I have no idea. It’s a worry.

Hopefully it won’t be long before you’re booked in for the other one anyway

A lot of the vaccinators are not clinicians .....they are perfectly qualified to administer this IM injection.........but they can’t make any clinical decisions...if their crib sheet doesn’t cover a question - they have refer to the doctor or nurse who is on duty at the vaccination centre......& most only have one or two of these qualified they can’t spend time going into great detail with someone who has a lot of questions on the day.So if anyone has any doubts before they go for their vaccination maybe asking a member of their medical team....I’m sure they will have had a lot if questions by now & will be able to help.......would save a wasted journey & having to re-book a vaccination?

I had the Pfizer one a month ago, have whichever one is offered, unless you do have allergies, being vaccinated does give you a bit more confidence when stepping out your back door. All though we still have to stick to the rules.

They work in different ways. I don’t think they know enough to say whether one is likely to suit you better. Best to have what’s on offer to prevent serious illness.

Hi I had the Oxford one cause I have multiple allergies otherwise I would have had whatever on offer tbh. I had all the flu like symptoms for a few days after jab but accept that is normal. They are much the same and stop us from becoming too ill if we catch the virus.

Hi all. I've had RA since 2006 and all different meds over the years. Been self injecting Tocilizumab once a week since June. I received a phone call Friday morning offering me the vaccine for the next day, I didn't question which one. I'm a TA in a primary school and have worked thoughout with the Key worker and vulnerable children. On the 8th March, my bubble of 12 will increase to a bubble of 60 so I was more than happy to receive anything offered. Went yesterday and was given the Oxford vaccine. I've previously had reactions to meds so was told to sit and wait 15 mins after the jab to check that I was okay, all good and so far just extreme tiredness last night. Please try not to overly worry, any protection is better than no protection. Hopefully you get the opportunity to be given whatever you are comfortable with. Stay safe all x

Yes, I was given the Oxford one as I have had previous allergic reactions to RA drugs. I would have taken anything. I have to say I have had very few side effects to the Oxford.

My consultant told me that either vaccinations were okay for me to have. I'm on a low dose of mtx and enbrel.

This is inaccurate, many of the reactions (of which it’s roughly 10 in every million) are occurring in those with no allergy history. I know this because I had anaphylaxis to my first dose a month ago, and they still can’t actually say why I - or others like me - reacted. The current advice is that the only reasons to avoid the pfizer are if you have a known polyethylene glycol allergy, a history of unexplained anaphylaxis (which is also most likely going to mean a PEG allergy), or a history of anaphylaxis to multiple drugs across multiple different classes. The bottom line is that as long as you’re not allergic to an ingredient, and you know what your allergens are, everyone is in agreement it can be given to those with prior anaphylaxis. It just seems like this information isn’t properly filtering down, and/or people are exhibiting an over abundance of caution.

essexgirl in reply to Charlie_G

Very true ... Only if you’re allergic to the ingredients in the vaccine ... that’s it

It has been said on tv radio & online so they are both ok

Pfizer is good when you get booster you ate 95 % covered 👍

Belle76 in reply to Angels54

They are both just as good as each other,

I believe that Pfizer gets better press as they are making a profit on it where as Astra Zeneca is selling it at cost. Food for thought

I didn’t say you were incorrect, and it wasn’t intended as a criticism in relation to you: it’s the understanding of the medic that’s not in keeping with the facts, and this seems to be happening a lot from the various forums I’m on. The unfortunate knock on is that people aren’t getting vaccines as quickly as they could if the information was communicated correctly. We can only take the advice we’re given by those meant to be more qualified to know, and I would have done exactly the same as you. Hopefully, though, by putting the information out there via replies, other people may feel better informed to either ask questions, or seek advice ahead of time.

I had mine a month ago on Friday. I’m take methotrexate, blood pressure tablets and I’ve got several autoimmune conditions - for some reason I was expecting to be given the Oxford /AZ vaccine - only because of the venue but when I looked at the card I was given it turned out I had the Pfizer/Biontec version and I was pleased about that.

The doctor asked loads of questions and went ahead. I can see it if a doctor recommends one over the other but they must get fed up with people deciding they would prefer one over the other when they are trying to do a mass vaccination.

I had no reaction at all. Husband went in after I did, he has no autoimmune conditions but he felt very tired and had flu like symptoms for a day then was very itchy for a few days after that. He’s perfectly fine now.

My friend’s sister went where I went on the same day and had the Pfizer one, my friend came into the next age group, had a choice of venues and chose the earliest appointment. Which was at a different venue and she was given the O/AZ one. My next door neighbour is an anaesthetist at a local hospital and was really pleased that she’d had her Pfizer vaccination.

I’m really not sure it matters and unless you have an allergy and the doctor doesn’t recommend a particular vaccine for you. I’d say take what you’re offered and be glad you’ve had it.

I think the thing about all this is listen to the doctor not to other people - even friends - and heaven forbid definitely don’t go by any advice you hear on social media unless it’s telling you to stay out of other people’s way, wear a mask and wash your hands - then take up the offer of vaccination - whatever one you are offered.

I had Pfizer and I'm allergic to penicillin and tetanus vaccines. No problems at all not even a sore arm. I'm on Humira and mtx. They are all safe for us as none are live.

All that matters is that you got it

I had Pfizer tues last week was sleepy but no real issues I’m on hydroxychlorine and Benepali x

No ganging up here, folks are giving opinions of their experience and scientific evidence 😍You followed the advice of the medics there. Such a shame that different people are getting different experiences.

My sister got refused on friday as shes waiting till December!! for a neurology check, they cant be that worried about her if they are waiting 10 months !!!!! So I've told her to phone her psych and go tomorrow as she high risk with mental health problems and overweight. But the nurse had a tick list , followed it , and said no.....Its hard. Especially as at the moment everyone being done is extremely clinically vulnerable ... but only allergies to some of the ingredients were found in 2 people who carried EpiPen but later got the jab safely under medical supervision.

They have to follow protocols but I'm glad they are going to follow you up asap. Sorry you've had such a rough time xx 😪

Flor1rence in reply to allanah

well said allanah😉

Call rheumatology tomorrow...... good luck

Good keep pushing . Xx

Hope you can soon get the Oxford. Hope your GP can advise where to go for that.

In our area (Dorchester, Dorset) the general rule of thumb seems to be that the older people got the Pfizer (like my in-laws and our neighbours in their late seventies) and the younger co-hort got the AZ (like myself and my husband in our 50's). I had a bad reaction, so was all prepared to 'nurse' my husband through the night, but he had no reaction at all, apart from a slightly sore arm.

Seems to be that if you go to a hospital setting, or one of the designated NHS venues that you get the Pfizer, and if you go to a clinic at a GP surgery you get the AZ/Oxford. I had the AZ, no side effects other than sore arm and bit headachey. Hope you get whichever one you want .

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