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Is the Oxford vaccine a live vaccine?


Spoke with my rheumy nurse last week and she thought that the Oxford vaccine was a live one and this meant that people on biologics couldn't take it. She wasn't sure though. Can anyone she'd some light on this?

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It is not a live vaccine.

I’ve read that lots of places, and I think that’s on the NRAS information as well.

AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

I have been told categorically by my consultant rheumatologist that if it is offered, I could take the Oxford vaccine....I am 70+, have many allergies & I am on Rituximab.That does not mean everybody could take this vaccine ...but the aforementioned means it will be safe for many of us,

Have a look at nras Covid vaccine video in Facebook, you can just google it, explained really well by Dr James Galloway 👍

The oxford vaccine was originally made from a virus that attacks chimps therefore was is now attenuated so ' dead" therefore not live therefore safe for us. Get your nurse to look at NRAS facebook page on vaccines shes not up to date

How many more times do we have to confirm the Oxford Virus..IS NOT LIVE.

Either these nurses are making it up as they go along or they don’t understand what they read .....which is really worrying.

People don’t use the search to look and see if this has been answered or maybe don’t know they can do that! Someone else will ask again very soon if it’s live! Allanah‘s been answering them most patiently for weeks now!! 😳


allanah in reply to AgedCrone

Really? in what way AC .? That comes out a bit wrong doesnt it.....

Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah

Just a bit .. but ... xx

Yes really! .. perhaps you’ve missed her helpful messages.

Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bit off humour on Christmas eve

HilaryWB in reply to AgedCrone

maybe it isn't live but it could still trigger Anaphylaxis in suceptible people, as happened to 2 people had had a severe reaction as they had multiple allergies and carried Epipens

AgedCrone in reply to HilaryWB

That was with the Pfizer vaccine....not the Oxford one.

The only way to put your mind at rest is to discuss your own condition with your doctors & see which vaccine they recommend for you.

But broadly speaking the fact that only two people...who indeed had underlying health conditions, had problems ....proves how overall safe the Pfizer vaccine has proved to be.

helixhelix in reply to HilaryWB

They had an anaphylactoid reaction, not anaphylaxis. Similar but not as serious, and was resolved very quickly.

Sorry, I needed to add evidence as a photo so have put it as a new thread. I couldn't answer any other way. There is a link to the webinar on NRAS website.

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