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Tested positive for Covid 19

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Hi all,

I hope you are all as well as can be. Its just a post to see how many others have tested positive and are on the road to recovery?

I'm a week in now and I've got to say I can't see the end in sight. Still got fever, terrible body aches, cough where I'm now struggling to breathe slightly and constant nausea and headache 😪

Also completely lost my smell and taste which was one of the first symptoms after runny nose which apparently isn't a symptom 🤔

Thank you for any replies and take care xx

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Hi Natbat87

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis - it seems inevitable this this is going to happen to us all. I have been isolating doing the right thing but it is others that's the concern.

They say you feel worse before you get better and you will get better. Sending you the strength to get through this and hope for that speedy recovery. Here to offer any support you need. Best wishes, Hessie5 x

Thank you for having the courage to share your rotten news with us.....& for taking the time when you are obviously feeling terrible.

Really, really sorry to hear you have succumbed......& sincerely hope you start to feel better soon.

Do you have any idea where/how you contracted it?

Are you having any sort of treatment?

Thank goodness you seem to be coming through without needing to go into hospital. although just having it is horrible for you.

Wish you better very, very soon.

If you feel well enough...do let us know how you are progressing.

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Natbat87 in reply to AgedCrone


Thanks for your message. I can only think it has come from my daughters school as she complained of a headache a few days before and seemed a bit lethargic. Never thought Covid then though.

No I'm not on any treatment, just hope I start to improve soon because its making me feel rotten.


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J1707 in reply to Natbat87

I do feel sorry for you . No matter how careful you are it’s out there and with children even it’s even harder. Your saying a runny nose is not a symptom your the second person I heard of that started with a runny nose. So how are you supposed to know what’s a cold and what’s the start of Covid. the diagnosis chart says runny nose is a cold ???

Here’s to a speedy recovery hope you don’t suffer too much x

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wishbone in reply to J1707

Unfortunately I don't think you can tell for sure what someone has without a test.

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J1707 in reply to wishbone

Your right wishbone but testing is now rationed 🙄

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wishbone in reply to J1707

So I've heard, not very good is it!

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AgedCrone in reply to J1707

Yes It has to be.....but it hasn’t been made clear that ONLY people with Covid symptoms should apply for a test...that hasn’t been made clear & people are taking perfectly healthy children to be tested.....thus denying those who do have symptoms.....but altho there are signs outside centres now...people are ignoring them.

So spread the word......don’t apply for a test just because you sneeze!

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lovemydoggy in reply to J1707

I've read some do get a runny nose. I had a cold from where I don't have any idea. Staying home except for medical appointments and always wear a mask and keep my distance from others. I'm in the US. Prior to calling my medical clinic I looked it up and runny nose was listed. Unfortunately, they didn't allow me to get tested even though I reported that someone in the waiting room at my doctor's office reported having ng been exposed and was quarantining.

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Lyns58 in reply to J1707

I had a runny nose just before my results and I am covid19 positive xx

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AgedCrone in reply to Natbat87

Thanks for letting us know.......that really is so very unfortunate for you.

Did your daughter test positive too.....hope she is OK...& hope she is old enough

to help, out at home whilst she is off school?

Take care.

So sorry to hear this Natbat, I hope you have someone caring for you. Sending you best wishes and I hope you feel better real soon 🤗

I'm so sorry to read this as my sister has had it, she recovered and I hope you feel better very soon.

Get better soon x

So sorry to hear your news Nat. I do hope it doesn’t progress further & this is the worst you'll feel, bad enough I’m sure. I hope you have someone taking care of you. If you do feel well enough will you keep us updated on how you are? We'll fret otherwise, though of course understand you will only if you feel able. Just learned this morning through the app that my postcode area is high risk so doing all we can to avoid it but some bleep bleep friends called yesterday as it was my h's birthday, what to do?

You take good care & again, I do hope this is the worst you'll feel. x

Wishing you a speedy recovery and that you feel better soon.

Hi. Oh that's awful. Feel for you . I hate struggling with fevers and coughs etc , it's very tiring. I hope you turn the corner soon and the rest of the family are ok too xxx

Sending virtual hugs 💖

Sorry to hear this Natbat. I hope you feel better soon and that you have someone to look after you. All the best. xx

Sending healing wishes to you and sorry to hear this.

Hi I’ve got a test tomorrow apparently I was random picked nhs I have no symptoms just seems a waste of test they pick it up from my house after I have done swab I suppose I could have it without any symptoms all strange to me let’s all keep safe use common sense and stop spreading it x

I'm so sorry to hear this and hope that you will begin to pick up bit by bit each day. Take good care wont you xx


I'm really sorry to hear you've got the dreaded lurgy on top of everything else. I do hope you have others at home that can help, and that you start to feel better very soon.

Take care🙂

Sorry to read you are ill.

Thinking of you and wish you recover very soon.

Take care of yourself.

So sorry youve caught it. Sending healing thoughts your way. ❤️

You have my sympathies, having been flattened with C-19 on 18th March. I was unable to get tested and after 2 weeks I was worse if anything. I avoided hospital as decided to only call 999 if I actually couldn’t breathe at all as the nhs in my are was shambolic. Private antibody blood testing in June confirmed very high levels for me and my husband. I have missed too many doses of methotrexate whilst unwell and this definitely didn’t help. Main advice I can give you is to rest rest and rest again. I stupidly went to work too quickly because my colleagues were on their knees. This did me no favours and many Covid symptoms flared up with a vengeance, forcing me back to bed rest. Please look after yourself and go with the flow, listen to your body. Wishing you a good recovery

Sorry to hear you've contacted covid and that you get stronger soon. Rest up and take care xx

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Xx

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Wishing you speedy recovery, sounds like you over the worst. Rest rest rest xxxxxxx

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