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New drugs


Hiya hoping u can help feeling nervous again . Hos today and have been put on sulfasalazine and hydroxyc so worried as also on metho. Only diagnosed in june and seems no light at end of tunnel unless on steroids which im now off. Hence i guess massive flarenow. Really value everyones advice thanks

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I was on this triple therapy of MTX, hydroxy and Sulpha for about 9 years. Once I got used to it I had no side effects and was quickly in remission where I stayed for the majority of those years.

The only untoward effect was bright orange pee....

I'm on all three plus other things and it helped me.

All the best

Mtx/Ssz/Hydroxy is the well tested triple therapy that many people have great success with.....let’s hope you are one of them.

Do try to remember .....most people are very successful on most of the drugs we take .....but people don’t post to say how wonderful their drugs are... only how awful they can be .

So take your triple therapy and fingers crossed you can write and tell us how well you are doing.

You are lucky to be moved on to this therapy in 8 months..... Because of the shortage of rheumatologist a lot of people don’t even see their consultant for a year after they have been diagnosed.

I do remember how scary things are soon after diagnosis...but comeSummer things should be looking up for you.

Sorry to hear you need these extra drugs to help contain your RA. These 3 are a common cocktail. I was on this combination for many years with no side effects. I understand your concern though, but hopefully you will be very happy how well they help you. Good luck

Hi, I’ve been on triple therapy for about ten years and it was an absolute life line for me when it started to work. I know it can be daunting taking more medication and I definitely felt that way, but it has worked. Is there anything in particular relating to the medication that is worrying you? If so, you could discuss this with your Rheumatology team, or maybe even a pharmacist. I’ve done the latter a few times, to give me peace of mind. I really hope it works for you too and you get some relief from the flare you are experiencing.

I had this triple therapy for about 6 years. I had to introduce the Sulphasalazine slowly as at first it didn’t agree with me, they changed me over to a tablet that had the gastric coating & that helped with the nausea. I’ve had no side effects since & it’s helped me wonderfully. Good luck!

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