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Hubby has been taken ill due to new drugs for blood pressure.

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Well we have had a hell of a couple days. My hubby was taken ill on Monday(well he had been ill for days) I called the paramedics to him and it turns out he has had an allergic reaction to a blood pressure drug he had been put on,so they said to get him to the drs asap to get them changed straight away. So i got through and the lovely lady on there who knows us got him in to see a dr yesterday morning and she gave him another drug at a low dose and to see how he is in a weeks time and after the blood test this week. So he didn't feel well all day yesterday and he didn't start the night very well and we both ended up down here,but he went back to bed and i think he has had some fairly peaceful sleep.

I stayed down here last night after struggling to sleep through pain and worry over hubby tossing and turning next to me. We both came down and after a spell he went back and i snuggled down in my recliner. I am in a lot of pain with my neck and now my shoulder is joining the party.Most of the pain is down my right side which is where my RA started. I am going to the doctors this morning so we will see what she has to say,but i don't expect much to be honest.xxxxx

18 Replies
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So sorry to hear about your H. I know he is your rock. Hope the new pills kick in soon and that he will be back to his old self. Also you too Sylvi, good luck at the doctors. xxx

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So sorry to hear this Sylvi. I hope your hubby feels better today and you get some relief soon.

Hope you both feel better soon. Tough when you are both poorly.

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Hope yourself and hubby gets better soon sylvi

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Just adding best wishes to the above ones others have sent.

Take care both. Sending hugs. ☺

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Oh how awful. I do hope you both improve quickly and your appointment goes better than you fear. Huge hugs


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Hope the new low dose drugs work for H Sylvi. Did you eventually get some sleep on your recliner? Lack of it on top of pain makes everything even worse. RA started on my right side too. What a worry for you both. Rest up! You and H will be your colourful selves again soon xxx

Wishing you both wellness very soon. Xxx

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oh that's awful what your both going through, its not fair, I hope you both get a break from all your both going through

sending you both positive thoughts that you both feel better real soon

lots of love and big hugs xxxxx

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Thinking of you hope H is feeling better life is so cruel just when you don't need it big hugs take care love x

Thoughts are with you both Sylvi, hope you both see improvement soon xxx

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Hope he improves quickly. Take care

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So sorry to hear this Sylvi. I hope he's recovered somewhat by now. I've been in exactly the same situation, my h responded the same to a change in his BP med, so know it can be really concerning. His GP did just the same & he's been fine since... well as far as that med is concerned so hope your dear hubby will be too. x

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My day goes from bad to worse,my scooter ran out of juice on the way home so i had to get off it and wheel home,got into the estate and rang hubby and he said he would walk up to meet me to help,but by then the two postmen stepped in one drove me home and the other with help from hubby wheeled it home. I thanked them profusely and said if they ever wanted a cuppa when their round to call in i will happily make them one. Hubby is starting to recover thank goodness.

I had been to the drs and she has added amitrptaline to the mix to see how i go and to see her in a month.

Thank you all for your concern over hubby and i really appreciate that there are such kind people here and in the wider world.xxxx

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janny55 in reply to sylvi

Sorry to hear about you and hubby sylvi hope you both start feeling better soon , ahhh that was so lovely of the postmen, it’s good to know there are still people out there that will help, now sit down have a cuppa and relax 🤗xx

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Oh goodness, Sylvi, your poor husband, and you with the worry! I hope the new meds do the trick.

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Sorry to hear that sylvi hope tho t's improve for you both, I know how much of a rock a good husband can be ,I've got one also. At moment looking after me as had the 1st of 2 rounds of RTX feel as tho my head is going to explode 🤯 good luck at Drs xxx

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Omg Sylvi, I'm sorry to hear about your husband. How is he doing today?

I'm sending you a big hug from across the pond.


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