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My wife suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and is looking for a new mattress, to help her get a comfortable nights sleep, what do RA sufferers recommend ?

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I get very hot at night and found the memory foam made things so much worse. I have a natural mattress made from wool and horse hair . It was expensive but worth it no roll very comfortable. Only down side is it very heavy. The original bed co.

I recommend that she tries laying on any mattress before she buys. Most good bed stores actively encourage trying out. I've had memory foam on an adjustable bed which was OK at first, At least I didn't get springs digging in me. But others would probably suggest different.

I like a natural filled pocket sprung mattress and have a Vi Spring. It’s over ten years old and still as good as new. I prefer soft springing for my bad back and hate the firm mattresses all hotels seem to have. If you prefer a hard mattress (many men do it seems) then the answer is two 3ft mattresses zipped and linked with different firmness ratings to suit you both. ViSpring make them.

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I too have a Vi-Spring medium and would find it hard to change - Dunlipillo are good too. I love my bed ☺️

I agree with Poemsgalore, your wife needs to try out different mattresses to find one that suits her ( and you) it’s a very individual thing and mattresses can be very expensive so best to try as many different kinds as you can. Good luck😊

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Some companies give a 100 day’s trial

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I know, but you have to keep the plastic wrapping on.

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Just had the otty and didnt get on with it. Going to try rem-fit. You dont need to keep the plastic on

Have a look on QVC they have a good selection from 🔽£300 up to 🔼£1000+.

The advantage from buying from them is you can try it out for 30 days & if it doesn’t suit they will come along and collect it for free and return 100% of your money...usually excluding any delivery charge.

I can vouch for the fact that they do honour that promise.

I ordered a vacuum come carpet washing machine with a detachable hand vacuum-when I detached the hand vacuum it was so heavy I couldn’t lift it and they collected for free & refunded my money without a murmur.

We went to bensons for beds, where they had a computer bed. It measures how firm a mattress you need. We ended up with an I gel mattress, expensive, but so comfortable.

Avoid memory foam unless you like the feeling of being cooked at low heat. We have a Vi Sprung from John Lewis bed and mattress. Cost an arm and leg and not sure it was worth that amount really. Our most comfortable bed is from IKEA cost less and it just great.

I have a kaymed sprung mattress which has a memory foam top.

I find it very comfortable and supportive. It is now 8 years old and still going strong.

I too like Benson beds

I would suggest keep away from memory foam. Although comfortable they are so hot. Natural fibre is best like wool etc

Morning. I recently got the simba mattress and its amazing. Best nights sleep ever. Highly recommended.

me personally, i jace a medium mattress, but always have a thick feather & down mattress topper on it. Mattress is, i wont mention names but the ones that are tested by nasa for astronauts& topper is one that comforts limbs and easy to move on. My own preference for when im in flare up.

Lots now except shops are on try and retientif not right. (shopping channels). Good luck x

I prefer a pocket sprung firm or orthopaedic so that it's supportive getting in and out of bed. The sales people have always said I don't need firm as I'm only small and my weight wouldn't sink into a firm mattress, but it's personal choice.

I got a cool blue memory foam ,it has a special topping on top of the foam and must say I havnt had any problems with feeling hot and I find it very comfy , but we are all so individual aren't we ....

I have a natural ortho bed, only had it a few months but it has been heaven I know everyone is different so I think you would be better to try before you buy

We have a wool mattress from the Woolroom. Very expensive but really worth it.


I bought a memory foam one a while back and, although it was a bit pricey, it's one of the best purchases I've made. I did pay more to get one with a bamboo (I think) top layer to keep me cool so haven't had any overheating problems. The only down side is that you can't turn it like a regular mattress.

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