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Did anyone else see the feature about RA on "Trust Me I'm a Doctor" last night on the BBC, and the reports of an implant that can relieve the RA symptoms in 2/3rd of people who have had the implants in a controlled trial? . It might be available in the UK in 5 years.

It sounds like a miracle and a totally new way of managing the condition. If you haven't seen it pick it up on Iplayer its a great and inspiring hope for a totally new non medical way of treating RA and probably Parkinsons Disease. It was made clear its not a cure but by changing messages in the electrical circuits of our bodies, pain and inflammation can be greatly reduced.

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  • There's a post about it further down, called BBC tonight...

  • I was playing catch up & watched it earlier this evening after Rie told us about it Interesting seeing just how it works after reading up on it.

  • I never saw the program, but I do believe you are talking about the Vagus nerve stimulator test. Dr. Kevin Tracy of New York USA invented it. It has been in clinical trials since 2009. I'm very excited about this.

  • Don't get too excited! The trials so far give cause for only "cautious optimism". A trial on larger numbers of people will give a more accurate picture.

  • And silly me - I'm pretty leery of implants unless life or death...

  • So presumably no hip replacement or knee replacements etc? personally I'm all in favour of something that does not affect my stomach, hair and give me dry skin etc.

    It may not work for all but even if it works for some its a step in a new direction away from drugs that for some may have severe side effects. I can only hope that children with RA get offered the chance of something like this asap. Heart regulation is done routinely by pacemaker these days, pain can be controlled by TENS machines in childbirth who knows yet if this is going to be the dream answer but it is a hopeful step in another direction.

  • I would say, given everything you listed, that I have not crossed the life or death part yet, huh ;-)

  • Yes oldtimer. I was reading the out come of the first trial in 2009. It claimed it would be available in the US and Canada in 2017 and the UK in 2018.....

  • Interesting but would require surgery for implant. I have drawn a line in the sand. I will try drugs but no surgery of any kind.

  • It is very promising but a long way off.

  • Yes I saw it, brilliant, but I have R.A. and live in Amsterdam where trials were done 2 years ago and never heard anything about it from my specialist who I last saw in June. I will speak to him about it at my next appointment.....

  • Wonder how long it will be before it's available for all x

  • wonder if it will be available for all!!!!??? I hear people tak about ultrasound, MRIs etc and found that over 70% of people i know with ra had never had these tests ever let alone a ground breaking surgery.

  • So true, some places scans MRI seems the norm, others like mine it's only when things go wrong xx

  • Vegas nerve stimulates per sae are not new, two of our students have them fitted for epilepsy control, so hopefully using them for RA will be quicker to develop because the basic technical know how it already there regarding implantation etc.

    But a person can stimulate their own Vegas nerve to a degree without an implant. The nerve attaches to the vocal chords on its way down through the body so singing, humming, talking and even gargling stimulates it. Splashing cold water on your face will also stimulate the nerve but scientifically they can't say for sure why.


  • Looked at Lots of interesthing thorough information about the vagus nerve. Adding quite a few ways to stimulate your vagus nerv ex. laughing, taking cold showers, gargling, taking 5htp and zinc supplements, acupuncture, exersize..and the list goes on.😊 Then about the implants, there is actually a non avasive alternative that is used in Europe but has not been FDA approved in the states

  • Thanks for alerting us to this very interesting programme!

  • Vagus - Vagas one will rob me of my ability to walk if allowed to and the other my ability to hang onto my cash... A cold shower in either case may definitely help me come to my senses before too late!!!

  • For Ali

    Ha 😂😂😂

    Brava for your humour and courage


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