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MTX + Adalimumab + IM depomedrone Anyone had similar?


Just need to talk with someone that is going through similar arthritis experience really.

I have psoriatic arthritis (every #$%^ing part of me) which I know is different from RA but the drug treatments are the same pallet.

Last Monday I had a call with a Rheumatology consultant, I just couldn't drag myself to the hospital. I think it was anxiety more than physical.

I have not been in to work since May, & just have no confidence in my body any more.

The consultant that called was 'filling in', I've not actually had a repeat appointment with the same consultant yet but it's still early days.

The rhuemy recommended:

MTX 10mg/wk (with 5mg folic acid daily) for the inflammation in my joints generally.

Adalimumab 40mg injection bi weekly; for the inflammation in my spine.

IM depomedrone 120mg steriod injection; meant to give me a boost lasting between 4 - 6 weeks.

I need to get into the hospital for more blood tests & another chest x-ray before starting on the Adalimumab but recommending starting the MTX & injection straight away.

I have a GP appoint next week.

Has anyone had a similar treatment plan? I realise we all have to find what works best for ourselves.

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