Busy Saturday

Youngest daughter woke me with a cuppa before she went to work. Took my grandson to the contact centre to see his dad. Had lunch at my eldest daughters house went home cleaned kitchen floor. Picked up grandson went to the tip managed to chuck out an old tv. Went to bottle bank then shopped at Tesco with grandson picked up his Mum and went home again. So all in all I have kept busy and kept my mind occupied so I dont keep dwelling on Mum. I am going to write on her card and take to the chapel of rest next week so she wont miss out. Hope all you Mum bloggers have a nice day tomorrow.

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will be thinking of you on what will be a difficult day for you..xx


Thank you summer.


Hoping you haven't found today to difficult Sharon,

Lyn x


No it was ok thankyou.


Hi Sharon, keeping busy is always best but it can be difficult with RA so look after yourself too.

Take care

mand xx


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