I am comng off Leflunomide and the plan is to begin Enbrel Self Injection. Has anyone any comments about Enbrel...pro or con?

I saw my RA doctor yesterday and she began the tests required to qualify me for Enbrel...TB test, Hepatitus, etc. Also, she has to check with Medicare and my supplement insurance to find out if there are any restrictions related to my taking Enbrel, such as frequency of dosage etc. I am hoping my hair loss problem will be solved and that is my main goal other than helping with the joint discomfort. Please give me any comments any of you might have. Thanks, BSMGA

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  • I came off leflunomide and on to enbrel injections about a 18 months ago and the enbrel has worked brilliant for me and my joint pain is minimal now, I still take 15mg of methotrexate once a week but the plan is to try and reduce this eventually. I feel that I have been given my life back, I know the though of injecting myself really scared me so my husband came along as well in case it was him who had to do the injection but I managed the 1st one ok and now don't even think about it, I hope that it works as well for you

  • Hello, my reply would just be repeating what marti has said!

    No cons for me just pros, reached a das score of 1.35 at xmas after being on enbrel for 16 weeks. Still on 15mgs methotrexatre also but consultant hope we reduce that soon. I'm so thankful :)

  • My husband was on methotrexate but was finally diagnosed as methotrexate intolerant. He has been on enbrel for only two months so far but the results have been fantastic. No swollen joints and no pain. Enbrel seemed to take effect almost immediately. And to re-iterate what the others have said injecting himself has proved no problem at all. Also he no longer has to have weekly blood tests. Do hope it works for you. :-)

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