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Tendonitis in finger and thumb


Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for swollen tendon underneath finger and thumb, I have had it a few weeks and have been massaging it and using hand brace but it isn't doing anything , I havnt taken any nsaids as yet , but thinking of doing so , and if I do take naproxen and use the lasanaprozal (bad spelling) to protect my tummy , I am on hydroxy , I just wondered how others take theres , I mean because on the hydroxy it says about not taking any anti-acids within 2 x hours, I know your not medically qualified but interested how others use them, I normally take my hydroxy in the morning with breakfast ..



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do you ice the hands as welll or tried a TENS machine which helps divert attention away from pain for me and does help a bit too. Lots of trial and error.

patsymay13 in reply to Deeb2908

Hi Deeb I have done the ice but not tried a tens machine thanks for your reply hope you get yourself sorted soon when you get on ur meds .


Heat, ice ,painkillers ,nsaids are all you can do. I had Achilles tendinitis for 7 months did all of the above and had physio. Nothing helped. Then one day it decided to just go 🤷🏽‍♀️ RA dose what it wants . Sorry I’m no help. Sometimes a soak in Epsom salts help .

patsymay13 in reply to J1707

You have been of help it gives me some hope that it will eventually go away thanks


Have you tried ice on your hand? I find it very good. It hurts at first then it goes numb. I have gel packs in the freezer at all times. I don't know about naproxen and lansoprazole sorry. Why not ask your chemist? Always take anti inflams like naproxen with food in your tummy.

I have tried ice all be it( frozen peas I will get some ice packs and yes good idea about asking chemist Thank You .👌

Feel for ya going through similar, trying out new CBD balm see if it helps.

Going to look into ice pack gels too :)

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