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Tendonitis in fingers and ankle swelling and jaw locking

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Hello everyone I am just asking for some advice , I have tendonitis in 3 fingers on my left hand with stiffness and my finger on my right hand has got tendonitis and it is kind of really sticking out also a few weeks ago whilst out walking my right foot started to hurt just underneath the inside of my ankle and it is quite swollen with a small lump underneath the swelling and now when I’m in bed the left side of my jaw seems to click out , So yesterday I went to have my bloods done and they have come back normal , which is good news (I am rf positive) the nurse spoke to me today and says she is going to speak to my consultant in the morning with a view of giving me a kenalog injection or more meds , but she thinks the former I am currently on hydroxy , now I am beginning to wonder if I would be better just putting up with it with the hope that it would eventually go rather than having the kenalog injection especially as my bloods are normal so in effect no more activity with the rd , has anyone any thoughts on this , sorry for the long post .


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I really feel for you I have tendinitis in my ankles from February to September I could barely walk some mornings I had a cold and hot compress on them just to get out of bed it went in September but it lingers when I’ve over done it . I had steroid injections but nothing worked and then it just went. Now my hands and wrists have been bad for 4 weeks barely able to open my hands flat and grabbing things has become difficult. See my Rheumatologist in 2 weeks 🤞🏻 something will be done or it may just burn itself out🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️I’m much help but your not on your own. Hope you feel better soon

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Now then thankyou for that I remember about ur ankle and sorry you now have problem with ur hands I'm just pondering whether a muscular injection is going to help me or not I guess I will only know if I get one what a mess this rd business is x

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It’s all trial and error even then no answers

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Yep you definitely hit the nail on the head there x

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I don't think the drs would have given you the drug if you didn't need it darling.xxxx

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I have found that a boost from the steroid settles things down again whether the bloods are showing any rise in levels or not. And it would sort out if it part of the Rheumatoid Disease - it doesn't usually respond if it isn't. There are no prizes for fortitude!

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Thank you oldtimer you have helped me for sure I think because I'm new to all this I don't know what to put up with if you get my drift .

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I get tendinitis across the top of my right foot, twice and left foot once, have also had it over the back of one hand. As you know it is very painful.

I found resting it as much as I could plus hot and cold compresses, plus an ibuleve spray that I found in Boots was the best thing to do. Like you I’m on hydroxychloroquine and I’m loathe to take anything else.

Way back when I was first diagnosed I was given steroids and they tipped me into steroid induced T2 diabetes so I definitely want to avoid them if possible - I had them once after that for something else when my doctor assured me they wouldn’t spike my blood sugar but they did ( she didn’t realise I have my own blood sugar monitor) On the whole I tend to top up with ibuprofen if I’ve got aches and pains or am a bit creaky.

Tendinitis is horrible though. I also get plantar fasciitis on the underneath of my foot - fortunately not at the same time so far.

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Yeah I just took the week off work as it has just gradually got worse I have to wear safety shoes and using my hands to open and close gates so thought it best to take some time out I went for the kenalog injection earlier so hoping it will help but hey ho this is a testing disease so will wait and see thanks for your reply ....

I had Tendonitis as a result of taking the antibiotic Cipro (it's a known side effect) I can't have Cipro again.

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Did your tendinitis clear on its own or is like a reoccurring thing now?

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Hi Jayne

I have had to cope for months on end with tendinitis and tenosynovitis but nothing given to help. I used my thumb and wrist splints even at night as the pain was so bad; cushioning in splints helped.

Piroxicam gel prescribed by GP might help with ankles etc. But it all points to active RD in spite of blood results. I am seropositive yet still have good test results with loads of troublesome pain etc ongoing anyway.

My jaw joints ache so much at times that they won’t open my mouth. Recently, they’ve clicked a lot.

NRAS, exercises for jaw joint: nras.org.uk/jaw-problems

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Thanks for the tip on the Gel I will have to visit my GP at some point , I have been sleeping in compression gloves which do help a lot and wearing an ankle support during the day , I am just hoping now that the injection I had earlier today will give me some relief especially for my jaw , I shall also try those exercises Thank you


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