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Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

Does anyone see a rheumatologist at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine? Would you recommend them? I’m really struggling to find a good rheumatologist. Thanks for your help.

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Don’t go there, but they look interesting. But your GP or hospital consultant would have to refer you so you need to discuss with them.


I struggled to get a referral there, they are very specific about who they see. I eventually after more than nine months did see a doctor there but there service is practically none existent now. Unfortunately their consultant was killed in a bike accident and no one has stepped in and taken over the service so the doctor I saw was not a RA specific. I did manage to get a referral to a dietitian which was some what helpful. But otherwise no holistic service for RA

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Thanks I saw that Mr fisher passed away. Such a sad loss it seems. Was it worth seeing the non RHeum specificdoctor or not really?


I'm still trying to get a referral - had to ask my GP to refer me, then I got a letter with code to book appointment, called to book and was supposed to receive a letter directly from the hospital with a date for appointment but not had anything yet (it's been almost 4 weeks). I'm not holding my breath now that I've read the replies to your post...


Yeah the same happened to me. I had three or four referrals to get there from my GP and kept getting phone calls from the hospital cancelling my appointment when I got one or telling me that I did not meet the requirements. I have checked they don’t have requirements so I think it was just something I was told.

It was all very frustrating. They still say that they have rheumatology there but I certainly have not seen a rheumatologist. When I eventually got an appointment and it was not cancelled I saw a doctor.

She explained that no one has taken over the rheumatology team and it was none existent. I have now heard that the funding is going as no one has taken over.

The doctor was lovely and referred me to a dietitian and for acupuncture.

However after a couple of sessions I will have to stop as unfortunately they book the appointment sometimes the day before and I don’t get a lot of notice and it seems impossible to speak to anyone. I still work full time and it’s not realistic to take the time with such short notice.

I have also seen a dietitian who was a lot more helpful than expected and offered some great tips and advice on supplements to support me.

Otherwise though it is super

Sad that no one has continued the service and if I had known I am not sure I would have fought so hard for a referral.

The service was not designed to replace medicine but I was hoping it would complement the drugs I am taking and over all make me feel a lot better.


Thanks. Did they put u on any homeopathic drugs? Do you think that acupuncture has helped?


No drugs, and I am not convinced it has helped although I was only able to do two sessions.


Thanks. I’m tempted to try acupuncture. Did they refer u to someone at that hospital? Is that what made it tricky to attend?


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