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Anyone else losing lots of hair and find its thinning massively too?

I'm not on MTX and was recently on Suplha but rheumy took me off all RA meds to see if Fibro meds worked for me. My hair did fall out rapidly around a year ago, but this past 2 weeks it is coming out all over the place. If I were a dog you would say I was shedding my hair. I had long thick hair, it's now getting very thin and patchy. Even other people have noticed it.

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Hi ya I am loosing my hair too. Every time I comb it or brush it My brush is full of it and its all over my home and my mom noticed as she always finds it on her floor. Im on Hydroxychloroquine and diclofenac. Not formally diagnosed. don't know if its Rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.


Im pretty worried about my hair too as its shedding terribly. I have to throw hadfulls in the bathroom bin when I shower and my comb is full of it. Im going to call my rheumy nurse about it and ask if extra folic acid might help as Ive read it can.

paula x


Stress and other things can cause alopecia (hair loss) too. I've had total alopecia twice in my life - once as a kid and once as an adult following the birth of my third son. My GP said in both cases it was probably largely hormonal with me and also I have always been hyper allergic so am prone.

Being in limbo waiting for a diagnosis is incredibly stressful I found and the disease itself puts pressure on your body and mind, so hairloss could be a natural response - I wouldn't have thought it would be to the Hydroxy or Diclofenac though but I may be wrong.

Since starting the MTX 8 months ago and Hydroxy 2 months ago I have had a degree of change and thinning/ dryness in my hair but it isn't too bad or enough to reject MTX for in my case. I look after my hair well and use organic thickening shampoos and condition it twice rather than once and that helps I find. The question above yours relates to hair loss too so advise you to read that as well. Good luck, Tilda x


Thank you for the responses. I'm already on folic acid so it's not that. Will mention it when I next see a medical person. Xx


I'm not sure how much folic acid you're on but I'm currently on 5mg once a week. Following a conversation about hairloss with my rheumy nurse my dose has been increased to 3 times a week. She said it can go up to 6 times if needed. Have you tried calling your nurse? I'll post back and update to let you know if it helps. Hope you can get yours sorted soon.

Paula x


I take 5mg every day due to my pernicious anaemia and I have 3 monthly b12 injections. I will be calling doctors to see my own lovely doctor as she has been on a 2 week holiday and the last one I saw kept questioning everything I had been told.


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