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Well I posted a while ago !!!


Hi guys I posted a while ago that I lost my beautiful boy panther cat who sadly past away after 13 years and I said I could never go through having another pet again the heart break welllllll that was until we my partner saw a picture of our beautiful tiger now and look who we are picking up next week panther was a strong loving cat and would of wanted us to look after others so we are adopting him from the. Cat protection meet tiger. Guys

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Awww has gorgeous!!!! Sooo pleased for you 😻😻😻🤗x

Oh absolutely gorgeous! How wonderful for you (and him!). 😁😸

Love cats! He’s gorgeous and will brighten your life in so many ways. :-)

Life is enriched with a pussycat in the family. Your new tiger looks much like my Lola did when we first rescued her.

Love love love it what a beauty.

What a wonderful creature! They always know and appreciate the kind hearts that take them home 🏡 forever! Enjoy your new life together. I hope it is a smooth transition into the family😸💛


Fabulous. 😻😺

Oh he's lovely. So cute.

He is gorgeous darling.xxxx

What a beauty, I love cats.

Aah - we said the same after Nim died but got Antigone (Tiggy) last week! Mum was a British Shorthair breeding queen who escaped and found the next door black Tom! She is grey with black stripes! Enjoy your little one!

So gorgeous enjoy him

Hi Tiger! ❤️ What a sweet little guy! He’s adorable. Cats are the best! Ours rounds us up at night to make sure we’re all in bed at a certain time. LOL! Also very sensitive—she jumps on the table and meows when she senses that we’re unhappy. Enjoy your new little friend! 🤗💕🐈

Awww that's lovely 😻 I have a similar looking cat - Tia - they do bring joy into your lives and take your mind off RA for a while! 😻

Aah the beautiful tiny Tiger - What a glorious memorial for Panther.

He will bring you great joy!

Sorry to hear, 13 great year's and memories to treasure.

Panther is adorable 😁 my cats are my world. They are funny and intriguing too. I take a leaf out of their book to learn to stress and relax more.

All the best 😌

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