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Hi All

I haven’t been on in awhile. So many things going on! My question today: is anyone taking Actemra as a monthly infusion? After my Rheumatologist drained syringes full of fluid from my knee and my overall pain level being high in all my joints, he feels the 25mgs of Methotrexate is not enough.

I know I shouldn’t over read on the internet but this stuff scares me.

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I have been on monthly infusions actemra for a couple of years now. It made my knees swelling go away quite quickly. It also made my baker's cysts go away quite quickly as well. I am only on actemra now. No more dmards, prednisone, or anything else.

Pain killers once in a while and that is it. Made my life more bearable.

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This is good to know!! Thank you


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