Overheating anyone?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any ideas on help to stop me overheating?

My GP and specialist all just say it is probably due to inflamation but I have had RA since my teens (now in my forties) and in the last three years I have been unable to control my temperature.

I have been tested for menopause (all negative) my thyroid is borderline underactive, I have night sweats, constant day sweats (I need a fan trained on me at all times).

I would love something to help me as I dread this time of year when the central heating comes on as I am ready to pass out!

Does everyone have this and is there anything that helps?



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  • Have they checked your thyroid. I just do the normal fans, cool drink and putting cold water bottles in the bed and the pillow slips in the fridge!!! But maybe u need it looking into even more, good luck xx

  • Hi Allanah,

    Thank you for your reply I need to push to get my thyroid checked again as it was borderline last time, will try the pillow slips in the fridge too. x

  • Lol put them near the chocolate pudding for a nice smell lol !!!! It does work tho!

  • hi, i am exactly the same....i keep thinking i cant carry on like this....cant go out as if i stand for long i feel i will pass out with the heat...had menopause check..i have ra and am hypothyroid...have tried altering thyroid meds as doc thinks it could be that but nothing we have tried has made any difference...if anyone has an answer i would happily kiss their feet lol as i am so desperate x

  • Me too Kizzy,

    It is soo tiring and embarrassing being constantly flushed and damp!

  • I was having hot flushes for several years and was tested for early menopause ( flushes weren't as bad as you are having though) and was told that it wasn't menopause. However, it was because for 3 years I only had a period every 3-4 months and then they stopped altogether when I was 46. I still occasionally get hot flushes but take high dose sage (2000 mg) and it settles them usually within a week. Clemmie

  • I will try the sage, thank you.

  • Only thing I would suggest would be to ask about more sensitive thyroid testing (GPs usually only do the basics) or referral to an endocrinologist for more specialist testing.

  • I will do, thanks for your reply.

  • Hello

    Some of your medications can cause sweats and hot flushes that are additional to age.


  • Awful isn't it? I have been told that its down to medication, inflammation, hormones, menopause. So, I'm now past the menopause and i still get them. My GP fiddled about with my meds and i still get them. I am on Bio's for my RD so I'm not in the level of pain I was once in and I still get them, however not nearly as bad. So this leaves me thinking that it is indeed inflammation. I am aware of them but they are tolerable now. I keep a bottle of cold water beside me at all times and a fan.

    When I was in the middle of the menopause I was advised to 'go with the flush' rather than fight against it.....so I did that and would breath on and out during it. This did help, I just sort of settled myself to accepting that I am having a flush and not get all annoyed by it. This 'thinking' helped me get through the menopause and I now use the same exercise with the 'heat attacks' I get with my RD.

    For what its worth, I'm with inflammation. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, hopefully it will calm down for all us hotties eventually!

  • My heat effects my hair and back of neck, with dripping heat. The only way I have managed to help is fan, drink nothing but water, am constantly in shorts and very skimpy tops, which for a 60 year not a pretty sight!

    However this had been going on since my 30's when the thermostat went hay wire, was told it would get better once I had my full and total hysterectomy, which I had in 2000, but that had no effect, went on HRT no help, and recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism along with medication, and that's not helping. So I would agree with others on here and say it boils down to inflammation. Although all the other scenarios don't help matters.

  • Damn inflamation, I think I need to live in a cold dry climate......

    Thanks for your reply.

  • I'm 67, so definitely post menopausal!

    I have this every day, it's very like a hot flush, but very intense. I sweat profusely, and often end up with wet hair, and moisture dripping down my back. Most unpleasant. I've tried all sorts of remedies, to no avail. I'm totally covinced that is caused by inflammation. Now I always carry wet wipes and drink and tissues and hope for the best! M x

  • Thank you, you too x

  • I've been like this for 4yrs and doc not really interested!! Some told me about a"Chillow" you use like a pillow but fill it with cold water you can get them off the internet haven't tried it yet but I will be getting one when the heating goes on!!! Hope that helps with the night sweats

  • I like the sound of the chillow and may have to get two one for home and one to take everywhere else with me!

    Thank you

  • They're wonderful & definitely recommended. We've had them since living in Spain .....my h because he's a hot bod in bed & me because of my sweats, whatever causes them RD, menopause or meds!

  • I am the same. I look like i have just got out the shower. Told my gp i have had enough. Its affecting my social life infact my life. I love having a little walk to the shops but soon as i walk through the doors it starts.I was waiting in pharmacy the one day i could feel it running down my neck so out comes a tissue, out the corner of my eye i could see this lady pointing at me to her husband. As i left i wanted to say something but instead shot them one of my looks. I shall be having a blood test next time i go for my tocs infusion to test my thyroid. My gp as told me she thinks it is due to medication i take :-(. HAPPY SWEATING EVERYONE :-) xx Alison

  • Hi Alison,

    Isn't it awful, I carry wet wipes, tissues, deodorant and the list goes on I think I need to move to a cold dry country!

  • Ohhhh hellooo at the moment I'm like a furnace switching on and off. I'm waiting for new meds and I know the RA is kicking back in, but I don't remember these sweats, it's embarrassing, my arms and neck are soaked. My partner has a jumper on and I'm sat there dressed for the beach ( not a pretty sight ) I have had RA for over 20 years but never encountered this before.


  • I know how you feel it is embarrassing and exhausting as well as the extra washing it involves , good luck to all us hotties hope it cools down soon x

  • I'm sorry to read everyone's sweating problems but so so relieved it's not just me! It's got so bad I too hate going out because as soon as I do the flushes start. It helps that I work at home, with clients coming to me, so I can keep my beloved Dyson fan trained on me. I always tell new clients about my health problems so it's not a surprise to them being sometimes greeted by a dripping mess! I recently started taking sage after it was recommended by a friend but have yet to feel any improvement. I've been on Tocilizumab infusions for over 3 years so unsure if that's the cause as these sweats started less than a year ago. I'm 58, had full hysterectomy at 35, and was told I was menopausal at 36 so can't blame hormones! Will keep watching here for a miracle cure but thanks to everyone that has helped me feel more "normal" xx

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