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RA and pregnancy supplements


Hello everyone,

I’m very new to this forum and RA in general. I was only diagnosed in February with problems in my hands, feet and knees.

My rheumatologist has given me two steroid injections over the last two months and put me on sulfasalazine and hydroxychloroquine because they are supposed to be safe during pregnancy and when I was diagnosed we had been waiting on the IVF register for a few months already. Anyway, I’d just decided to perhaps postpone IVF to let my body deal with the new medications etc and then, completely as a surprise last week I found out I am pregnant! After three years of trying! I was just wondering if there’s anyone out there in the same situation. I’ve been reading that I should be taking a larger dose of folic acid (5mg) as I am on sulphasalazine but my Rheumatologist just says take the normal amount pregnant women take (0.4mg), even though the arthritis association leaflets he gave me state the higher dose. Are there any other supplements anyone would recommend as well?

I’m off to the GP tomorrow for my first appointment so would love to be as prepared as possible.

Thanks everyone

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Congratulations......but do speak to your obstetrician about what drugs you should consider taking whilst pregnant.

I'm sure your rheumatologist knows what drugs pregnant women are technically safe to take, but your obstetrician is the one to consult now.

He has your full history......so belt and braces!

LizzieLa in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you

Congratulations! Definitely check all meds with your Ob. Whilst pregnant they put me on slew of supplements (calcium, iron, folic + prenatal) some to compensate for the effects of the prednisone I had to take. Fingers crossed for that pregnancy remission for you 😁.

LizzieLa in reply to Lixandra

Thank you, good to know. I just felt I should be armed to ask everything at the GP today. It’s all such a surprise! Yes, really hope pregnancy remission happens!

AgedCrone in reply to LizzieLa

Don't rely on GP.,,definitely OB!

Congratulations! Such good news! I had a baby last year and luckily went into remission until after I gave birth so I did not need medication for RA after week 4.

I agree with the other people that have posted. I would imagine you would be put under consultant care (if you’re UK based) as you have RA and they’re the best people to ask about supplements. I had to work hard to get my rheumatologist and obstetrician communicating though so be prepared for that just in case.

Really hope you have an amazing pregnancy! Message me if you’d like to chat about anything x

LizzieLa in reply to Basilly

Thank you so much, that’s so kind. It’s really good to hear, I hope your baby is doing well!

You’ll most likely be considered high risk from the start, be prepared for that because it freaked me out a bit! I took hydroxychloraquine from 16 weeks because unfortunately I didn’t go into remission and got steadily worse. Also be aware that no drugs are compatible with breast feeding. Congratulations!

Also if you take steroids throughout your pregnancy you will likely need them during labour. I wasn’t able to go past 40 weeks either, I was actually induced at 38+6. Make sure you ask loads of questions

LizzieLa in reply to Beckywood89

Thank you, that’s really helpful to know. The doctor did prescribe 5mg of folic acid and said I would be referred to an obstetrician after seeing a midwife hopefully next week.

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