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Hi Fellow travellers,

Has anyone used the nbDMARDS class medications? Am being assessesd to use them. Advice would be appreciated. Dawn

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Hi. I am guessing that NB signifies non biologic . Most people with Rheumatic Disorders are started on these standard disease modifying drugs after diagnosis. You can find plenty of info on them on the Nras website. Dosages are built up gradually and may take a while but reduce inflammation and therefore protect your joints. Wishing you well!


THANK YOU, Stayloose. As usual, I get things mixed up. Am actually being 'assessed' to go onto the biological DMARDs. This medication, I'm told, only 'targets' inflammatory sites. I will read the info you suggested. Good luck with your own progress. Dawn

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Have actually been comfirmed as having RA?

Unless you have some other condition that precludes Dmards & you are in UK, you would normally have to be prescribed the Disease Modifying Drugs before your rheumatologist can apply for funding for biologic drugs.

If you have been assigned one, why don’t you give your rheumatology nurse a call and ask her to explain exactly what is happening?

We can only guess .....but she will have all your personal information & can explain things properly.


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