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New to RA


I have been experiencing painful joints for some time now, usually feet ankles and knees, elbows and wrists.

I have over the last three weeks developed excruciating pain in my shoulders and hands with swollen joints.

I have had bloods done and my R-factor and CRP are elevated and AntiCCP is normal. I have been referred to a suspected inflammatory arthritis clinic with the Rhematologist

Could anyone tell me what this means and what to expect/

thanks Jayne

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Hi Jayne welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your painfull joints. I was diagnosed only last summer with RA as I had inflamation to my knees and wrists and shoulders and was sent to a consultant rhumatologist and first got a steroid shot to ease the pain and then was put on methotraxate which really helps. So from my exsperience you will be in good hands when you see your rheumatologist who will assess and see what kind of medication you will need to handle your arthritis. This will be monitored by fortnighly blood test then onto monthly blood test. Everyone is different when it comes to how the medication reacts to themselves so dont worry as the rheumatologists are the experts at sorting this out. So dont panic as your now in good hands and this forum is fantastic as you can learn alot from friendly folk that aslo have RA.

A good tip is to always listen to your rheumatologist when it comes to medication and do not take anything without their consent like painkillers etc. Hope this helps and welcome aboard.


Have a look on the NRAS website - lots of useful and accurate information on there.

Don't expect an early diagnosis - it often takes time to sort out which of the many types of arthritis you have, but they should be able to give you some relief while you wait for all the results, and, often, time, to work out what is wrong.


With me it was RA. Good luck. Hope you get a med that helps right away.

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