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over night care

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I'm homeless have ra/ild plus the usual copd tmj plus loads I hoping to be rehoused but arguing with council over bedroom allocation I refuse full time care but wish to have a family member stay over night when I feel I need it I am I receipt of pip at highest rates and get severe disability premium blue badge dwp reports smo reports atos reports I can go on I have 2 ot reports done all offering help with aids that for most of the time I couldn't use Im hoping to get my answer today. from ot on whether I require overnight care.does any body else have overnight care ad hoc

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Be very careful, intentional homeless is a constructive term. You need proper professional advice and I'm not insured, you should go to CAB or Welfare Rights Office the local church might even have an advisor or know if Christians in the Community have an office local to you. Even superficially this is a very complex issue and so many issues occur that you must get advice that is both accurate, spells out the risks of refusing housing offered, and enables you to make an informed decision based on your needs. I really hope you get help asap and can move forward with hope.

yesterday I had a social services ot report stating that I do not need overnight care yet they go on to say I should have a lounge so an overnight carer can sleep on aput you up bed so I only require 1 bedroom sounds very odd to me

Hope you get it sorted and get a roof over your head. You have enough to deal with by the sounds of it. Best wishes, Sarah xx


Hi phil as Medway lady said .it is very hard to get over night care .hope you get sorted out soon take care

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Hope you do get it .it was a struggle with my mum all councils are different. ours you had to be 24 hours bed bound and at deaths door but all councils are different .good luck

here's the exact report Accommodation to have the potential to facilitate a carer to stay over night if necessary as clients needs can fluctuate potential of separate lounge to accommodate additional sleeping facilities such as a sofa bed

Thats a good report and with them offering care etc you would think it should not be a problem lots get family members over night and extra room and with good OT report you should get it .if you get no where I would go to cab or the local mp

how about this council now want social services to re word report is this fixed or what I cannot believe this is happening c a b say I require 2 bedrooms turn 2 us on gov web site says I need 2 bedrooms council keep insinuating I don't need over night care

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