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Ever hear of costochondritis?

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Have any of you had or heard of costochondritis? I went to the doctors office with chest pain and tightness thinking heart. Doctor also thought heart and really wanted to send me to the ER. But i did want to go. I had pain shooting into my jaw but no arm pain and I could function. When he laid me back and put pressure with his fingers into my chest I could have screamed with the pain. He said it was muscle but he wanted me to see a cardiologist and get a stress test. I gave an appointment in ten days. He says it may be fibromyalgia but a friend asked if he mentioned costochondritis which he didn’t. It seems that pain on the breast plate can be cause by a type of strain (lifting, sneezing, etc). I can’t take nsaids so he increased my prednisone which I was weaning off of to two pills to decrease the inflammation. It helped. Feeling fine today. But I’m wondering if any of you had something similar and had a prognosis of costochondritis?

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Yes I get it badly. Inflammation between ribs and chest bone.... I get steroids and steroid injections for it. One of the most painful things I think😣

I find ice helps the pain a bit x I get it when I'm flaring.i hope they get your inflammation under control soon x

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Thank you. It’s a very confusing thing this RA. Glad you’re all here to bounce things off of. Thanks allanah.

Yes I've had it too. Very painful!

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Yes, unfortunately. It is.

My hubby was diagnosed with this just the other week and he too thought it was his heart,but no it was what your having. xxxxx

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I’m doing better with the increased prednisone. I hope your hubby is doing well also.

Yes, I have had it too. Extremely painful particularly on moving position ( to lying then back up again). Likewise , I started Prednisolone which helped as did a well timed physio appointment and a knowledgeable physio who found the couple of inflamed ( and very tight) muscles! Rest up and it will ease in time.

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BonnieT in reply to Deniseelk

Thank you.

Good on your doc playing safe by sending you to a cardiologist.

I've suffered with pain in the breast bone region for a long time, which can get pretty uncomfortable on times. Until fairly recently I thought it was costochondritis but now think it's more likely related to osteo arthritis in the base of my neck.

Many years ago I thought I was having a nasty flare-up of the condition which turned out to be a heart attack, albeit a mild one. I ignored the pain, which was gradually getting worse, for much of the day and it was only due to my wife insisting that we go to out of hours that I did not leave it even longer. You can imagine my paranoia for many months after thinking that the chronic chest pain, which I still have to this day, was another heart attack! I did actually go to A&E on one occasion where they gave me an ECG, which thankfully was ok. It took a long time for me to stop fretting and learn to live with this chest condition.

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BonnieT in reply to wishbone

Funny you mention your neck as I’ve had a very painful neck for a few months now attributing it to the RA. Maybe they are intertwined somehow. Wishing you a great new year.

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wishbone in reply to BonnieT

Except for the osteo in my neck, which sowed up in an x-ray. Other than a brief mention I don't think I've ever bothered discussing what the problem might be with any of my doctors...we are tough in Wales! :-) or should that read thick! :-O ;-) Anyway, I was never entirely happy that it was costro as I don't have any pain in my ribs. which does seem one of the symptoms that get mentioned more than most by folks with costro.

It was only when I chanced upon an old post in the forum archives that i found someone describing the same symptoms as me. He, it was a bloke, did say the name of the condition but I can't remember what it was. Anyway, it might be worth mentioning this when you next see your docs.

Have a good new year yourself. Power to the people v:-)

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BonnieT in reply to wishbone

Thank you, wishbone, I will.

Yes I had a very dry cough which seemed to trigger it but it did settle eventually scary as well 😱

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BonnieT in reply to Nsmith13

I guess we may never know what triggers our “stuff” until it’s underway but let’s hope for no triggers this new year. 😊

About 4 months ago I had to call the Ambulance out as I was having severe chest pain as I have angina as well but it turned out to be muscle pain and didn’t have to go to hospital but had to go to the doctors the next day, as people have said this forums a godsend xxx

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I thought angina and immediately took a baby aspirin but it didn’t help.

Yes and there’s so many people have it also.

It’s horrid, lots of times I was taken to hospital having a suspected heart attack, you get lots of help here, good wishes.

Thank you.

I did through research of my symptoms and I told my dr all my symptoms and I know it was that but if You read the newest symptom list on some of the problem I was just it’s actually associated with that and very commonly an active symptoms it’s just one that happens here in there but I get it I’ve started writing my symptoms down on a notepad for a year and researched it and then give it to my doctor but he didn’t have time to read it all it was three pages

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😊 you should continue writing and eventually maybe get it published as a book to help people with a million health questions.

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Danielleb4 in reply to BonnieT

Aww thank you 😊. I’m still compiling symptoms,genetics,and family history. I also have scoliosis an and cervical muscle spasms (neck) symptoms of me/lupus. My mom has it RA I’m undiagnosed but have soo many symptoms.

I get it too, bl@#dy sore it is too. Try going without a bra for a few days, I find taking the pressure of the bra off the ribs helps a lot.

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BonnieT in reply to Mmrr

I couldn’t wait to get home to take it off. I’ve had breast surgery so can’t go out without it. But you’re right about the pressure.

Hi Bonnie,

I’ve had severe rib and chest pain for the last 3 days so I went to doc on Friday as I was concerned it may be something serious. He checked down my neck and spine and said it was my RA as my ribs hurt to touch. It just keeps giving this disease! Sarah xxx

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BonnieT in reply to sjhewitt42

Every problem seems related to the RA. 😳

Chest pains should always be checked out, regardless.

Yes my cousin has it ,really painful, I have had it , don’t lift anything.

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