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Help- So sick bacterial infection

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Hi guys I’ve been so sick been in bed for four days. Somebody turned up for Christmas dinner with a viral infection and 48hes I was totally floored. I doubled up on my inhaler and cocodomol and tried to sit it out but mostly body began swelling up ankles, feet knees hands wrists- everything aches!

I eventually got a Dr yesterday the viral infection I picked up from Christmas has now gone bacterial so I’m on antibiotics. I won’t inject this week but was unsure about hydroxy so I’ve cut them too until antibiotics stop.

Please help! How do you avoid infection? What do you use if anything? I seem to be picking up infection every time I’m in a group!

Any suggestions gratefully received. M x

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To be honest I think a chat with your doc first. They might want to check.your white cells haven't gone too low. If they are ok then for me it's avoiding people contact e.g. hugging and kissing if they have illness you know about. Wash your hands to the tune of happy birthday twice and dry thoroughly and take hand gel everywhere.

Get you flu vaccination. And that's about all you can do. You might just have got this illness whether or not you were on RA meds and life would be unbearable without socialising.

So For me I follow the rules above and keep going. Yes we all just get sick sometimes. However a white blood cell check will comgim if your immunity is too low or it was just bad luck.

Get well soon xxxxxxx

Gosh, the Christmas gift that kept on giving and that you definitely didn’t want! Poor you.

My precautions are - I wash my hands frequently with soap and hot water. If someone coughs near me when I’m out I hold my breath as I walk through their air space or if I’m in a confined space I move if I can - I noticed a guy on a bus move when the person next to him was coughing - don’t blame him. I don’t touch public door handles and banisters if I can help it. I take 1000mcg vitamin C with zinc every day but I’ve read that you can increase it if you have a cold. At least your GP has given you antibiotics. I always follow up with probiotics to help my gut if I have to take antibiotics - oh and I drink loads of water but I do that anyway.

Awww poor You, hope your feeling better soon. Unfortunately its one of the hazards if a low immune system, crowded places, family gatherings, are unavoidable at the festive season. Keep up the hygiene routine and tell all who are unwell to avoid visiting. Get well soon

Thanks guys. M x

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