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Hi all

A couple of people have put posts up in recent weeks reporting problems that they were having with spamming either on the HU platform or seeming to be from HU. I have made HU aware of these posts, but as they seemed to be becoming more common, I thought it might be easier to get a standard statement from them. This is what they have said:

"Hi all,

Many of you have been reporting strange messages that you have received coming from HealthUnlocked.

Firstly: there is absolutely no need to worry.

- If you receive an email, the email is a notification from HealthUnlocked about a message received on the site.

- If you receive an email, but can’t see the message on the site, then the person who messaged you has already been removed from the site for sending spam. Once someone is removed from the site, their account and their messages disappear which is why you can’t see anything about them.

- If you receive an email and can still see the message, please report it! You can read more about reporting Messages by reading this article:

I can reassure you that no spammer would be able to access to your personal email inbox or spam you through your personal details. Your information is safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to and a member of the HealthUnlocked team will be more than happy to answer them.


I hope this offers some reassurance and gives you an idea of how to make HU aware of any problems with spammers.

Kind regards


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Never had a problem with spam emails, but recently, when on the forum, I've been having a US Healthunlocked pop-up advertising payment for taking part in a survey on opiates.

Even though this happens pretty often it's no big deal as I simply close the pop-up. Thought I'd best mention it though.

Same here, same pop up

Dear VictoriaNRAS,

I'm 'interloping' here, from Vasculitis UK, BUT find your 'Post' interesting. I Don't seem to be 'Spammed', on these pages, but Have Had some 'Strange Emails' outside of here.

My advice is, the same as I was told... Don't answer/ click on ANYTHING that you are not sure of it's, far better, to risk offending a genuine contact. (I doubt that such a person would, in actual fact, be offended anyway.)

If Something seems 'To Good To be True' then, unless you are the luckiest person alive (didn't think so), it probably IS. If anyone asks for Money Up Front, (to Secure Your Entry, put you To The Head Of A Queue, To Guarantee Your Success, To Protect Your Data....need I go on) DON'T DO IT!

Other Things, that have 'Happened' to me, over the last year or so, include Credit Cards (some might be legitimate), Loans, Offers of sex- with Heaven Knows Who- and even My Own Death.... All I had to do, to Prove I'm Alive, was to send ALL my Personal Details..... Well isn't THAT kind!

I have Faithfully Promised, on another 'Forum'- and I repeat this here.... To Stop 'posting' warnings, the moment, the Scams Stop. That was about four years ago......

Once again, sorry to be 'Crashing' your Forum everyone.


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