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Shoulder blade pain: RA or Fibromyalgia Or Both?

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Hey folks

Long before I was ever diagnosed with ra and fibromyalgia, I have been suffering awful pain in tte lower part of my scapula/shoulder blade.

I used to think it was from my neck-pre and post surgery. But it’s never completely gone: just so e days less pain and most days more than e Ed.

So what’s the cause?

Do you ever get it?


I’m always searching for relief.



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Hi Jill,

What you describe was the area I had pain before my diagnosis. As you know, I have RA and Fibro too. It was debated for a long time if the problem was referred pain coming from the neck. It is now suspected that RA was bubbling away for such a long time and was causing alsorts of problems around that area. I had two discs replaced in my neck this year, cause - RA. I could barely move my arm and shoulder for months. I had a lot of muscle waste in this area due to the inability to move it. I get relief from stretching gently and from gentle free weight lifts. Nothing too heavy! When muscle loses strength, it causes alot of chronic pain. Hope this helps.X

Mine started in shoulder.after long time and getting worse then pain in arm I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Went down hill and admitted hospital where later told got RA aswell.hear alot of people got both.when too bad in shoulder hubby rubs ibroprofen gel in.

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I have a good friend who makes a rub with marijuana, menthol, and other herbs. She’ll even rub it into my neck and shoulders when I’m having a bad day. ❤️ Lots of people buy it from her.

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Fra22-57 in reply to nablur

Ooo sounds sublime

I had inflammation in the shoulder caused by RA which eventually cleared up. It caused awful stiffness and disability - I had difficulty getting dressed and raising my arm.

However, since last year I have had pain in the shoulder blade (same shoulder) but there has also been a lot of burning. Osteopath says it is RSI and has hit a nerve. The shoulder blade is perfectly flexible so there does not seem to be any question of it being RA. The osteopath massaged it and it cleared up but it recurs now and again but not so bad. It followed three days of doing a repetitive job at a desk that was too high.

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