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Back to Anfield. Off topic

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43 years since I was last here🙄. In my miss spent youth following LFC all round Britain and Europe. Changed a bit since I was last here😂. Last time I was on the Kop, standing and getting crushed. This time, corporate seats, free food and drinks. Thanks to a trip my lovely daughter arranged for me.

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Ohh dtech. You made me so envious.i just love anfield i was born very close to the ground. And would go as often as i could .its a while since i went.

Its lovely to have your meal drinks and comfort there.

Were you there yesterday when gerry marsdon was there .

Hugs kathy xx

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dtech in reply to keeta

Yes it was yesterday. 4-1 to Liverpool 😃. Didn’t see Gerry though

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keeta in reply to dtech

Yes he was in the crowd .you can google it. 55 years anniversary of his you.ll never walk alone.

Never though of it before but its a good anthem for us here with RD etc.


Yeah it was. Driven there it a big Jag. Park just outside ground. Oh boy, different from the old days of walking from lime street along the Scotland road😉

Now you just need to drop Big Hints to your daughter about Wimbledon tickets for Mum & Dad!

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dtech in reply to AgedCrone

My wife goes to Wimbledon every year. And a lot of other tournaments world wide. Did the Australian open this year😂. Last of her grand slams she had never done. I’m not a tennis fan. Although I did go to the Oz one and Abu Dhabi.

I went to school in Wimbledon& went every year until about maybe ten years ago ....when most of my business associates also retired & we stopped getting invited to corporate events....can't be doing with it now.....too crushed .& crowded ........the last straw was a teenage boy sitting behind me in the regular seats resting his feet on my shoulders...which when I asked him to remove them - his father butted in to say he wasn't hurting anybody. Soon put him right that "Oh yes he was & my shoulders were not his son's foot rest!" remove them,now! Tetchy old Biddies unite!

Now we get in the bubbly & smoked salmon sandwiches & watch it at home in comfort! But I do still like going to some of the smaller European tournaments, & they have a lot in long as you avoid the hurricanes!

Lol. You may have sat near my wife without knowing it then😂. Dont think she would put her feet up on your shoulder though😉. She is thinking of Miami next year and Monaco. She likes going to smaller ones and goes to the practice courts and chats to the players.

Sounds like a fantastic day, I'm envious too! And what a result eh?

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dtech in reply to AnneField

Lol. With a online name like Anne Field, you’ve got to be a Liverpool supporter😂. Apologies if that’s your real name , in which case your parents must have been fans😉

Brilliant! Glad you had a good time.

I would like this post but I can’t were a blue house here

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dtech in reply to Vonnie10

You’re probably annoyed as well, as you went and lost to the Mancs🤨🤬

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Vonnie10 in reply to dtech

Wait till we get our new ground will be amazing

Been a while since i took my son up there thanks for a happy reminder and i hope you had a good time at the match and i believe they won as well.xxxx

We recently went there to see our ex pro son in a charity match and we were amazed.

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