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Invisible , our pains

Unpraised, our efforts

Unfathomable, our feelings

Misunderstood, our suffering

Smiling, even in a flare

From one of despair

To a better mood

By just a change in our attitude.

Frightened by our insecurities

Gloating over small victories

Trying to overcome strife

Finding new meanings in life

Protector becomes killer

Fatigue, malaise and fever

Joints swollen and inflamed

Disabling the abled

Nothing is spared

In this deadly war

Heart, eyes, kidneys, vein

Our wits alone keep us sane

Accurate diagnosis is a misnomer

In pain we struggle, for years together

Relief , with no hope of a cure

Is short lived, with side effects, a galore.

DMARDS, Biologics and Biosimilars

Steroids, Vitamins and Pain killers

So many to fight a disorder

In vain, we try to maintain order.

The hardest steps are taken first

Alas, every day, every effort remains a first

On we go with the game

But no one day is the same.

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Oh so true. X

Touched my heart.

Very moving

Thanks Padram

Keep Strong

Well, that sums up everything to do with these immune system conditions which have such an affect on life in general. I feel sad, but thankful for this incredible site where we can dip in and out. Come here to add a point of view or support someone who is new to the site or maybe new to Rheumatoid and it’s affects on life. To talk about some of the drug treatments.

Thank you for your words of insight.

Padram in reply to petalnumber2

Hi, I have written this verse on behalf of all RA eras. I myself take no drugs for RA, because I have ITP, another disorder that destroys my platelets. RA drugs tend to reduce my platelets too. So I follow an anti inflammatory diet, and thankfully have my inflammatory markers almost normal. However I have read about how fellow RAers suffer, from this site, and that prompted me to write this verse.

Thank you all for your kind words.

petalnumber2 in reply to Padram

Sorry Padram, but I can't see your your verse because when I tap "more" it just comes up with a box saying "Report" and won't let me continue. I'm sure, by others comments that it is good. Xxx

Love it! These words would lend themselves to a Rap tune. I've been thinking of writing a song abut RA and made many notes so far. May I use some of your lines? All the best.

Padram in reply to stbernhard

Oh, lovely. Please go ahead ! :-)

Every word so true, but put in a beautiful way. Your words will give me a good start to my day. Thanks Padram

Padram in reply to petalnumber2

Saw your earlier message only now. Glad you could read it and that you find it good enough to start your day !

Very true 👍🏻

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