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Weight Gain

Hi Everyone please suggest that how to gain weight with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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If they put you on steroids for the ra you will gain aweight!!, if you have a massive flare or it is your first time flare you loose iweight ight and I lost loads when first ill but due to continuous courses of SteroidsI'm afraid I'm now over weight

War small meals regularly and you can top with complain drinks

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Hello quilln, if you are wanting to gain weight, and you want that weight to be useful, then some strength and conditioning exercise might be the way to go. It will help to increase your appetite which encourages you to eat more. By doing resistance (strength) training, you build muscle, which is a healthy weight gain, and what you eat is used efficiently - meaning that you’re not just accumulating fat as weight. I hope that made sense.

Of course if your medication is increasing your weight, then pretty much the same solution will work, but maybe cut your calories.

We probably need more information, cheers Deb :)


You tend to lose weight as the inflammation makes your body sorta go into overdrive and you are at etc with the hot joints. When it gets controlled it should start to balance out . Good luck and do talk to your rheumy. It's a big sign your not yet controlled x

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Sit a lot and watch hours of TV, eat a lot, and take steroids. I seem to have that down pat.


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