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Hands locking


Hi is this part of RA my thumbs keep locking into my hands it’s like spasms is this normal, aside from the stiffness and swelling, I’m just wondering if anyone else with RA as had this happen it’s freaking me out, it’s kind of like if you’ve ever had painful cramp when your leg locks and you have to stretch it to get rid of it, it’s that kind of cramp , it’s weird, or couldn’t it be something else ?

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Hi Vonnie, sorry to read you are having a difficult time. Is your thumb or any other finger pulling into the palm of your hand? Are there any lumps. If so, this could be Dupuytren's contracture. I have it and it is treatable. They say it can be inherited. Your GP should be able to advise further.

Vonnie10 in reply to Shalf

Just My thumb goes into the palm of my hand .

Vonnie10 in reply to Vonnie10

And yes I have a lump on my thumb I’ve had that for five years I thought that was my RA.?

Shalf in reply to Vonnie10

It sounds like it could be Dupuytren's but would get that confirmed by your GP. I have had it for approx same time as yourself and thought the same re RA. Very confusing isn't it. What is related to RA and what isn't. I saw a hand specialist not so long ago as I noticed when I was having a flare my fingers with the contractures would pull in more and the lumps would swell. The specialist said surgery could resolve things if need be. My fingers are straight - ish just now. x

Vonnie10 in reply to Shalf

God it gets worst doesn’t. It as w ego along I will see my rhem doc on the 18 this month so8 will mention it x


My sister has trigger thumbs from OA. oh the joys....

IT could be "trigger finger" for a while it locks then releases, then one day it just won't release,.....& hurts like hell when you try to straighten it?

I've had it in fingers (not thumbs). In fact it was one if my first signs of RA 20 years ago.

You can get a steroid injection in the edge of the palm of your hand & it releases fine.

I drove home after the last time I had my finger released.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

My fingers too seem to 'lock' if they've been in one position too long and the joint at the base of my right thumb is permanently swollen.

Hi, I have RA and my hands are not badly affected ish. Have to say my thumbs do that all the time grip is awful too. It’s part of my RA affects us all differently but if you ask me that’s what’s causing it. Just another hassle to deal with. Sorry it’s having the same effect on you.

My fingers do it all the time. My pinkie does not go back i have i have to straighten it.A lot of people with rd suffer from trigger finger it is very annoying and can be painful.

Mine is a simple fix, I just shake my hand and the lock releases. Sometimes it’s frequent, but haven’t had it for a while now. Bet I get it again now 🙄

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