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Painfully hands


Hi everyone I hope today finds you in no too much pain.

I have a question to ask I am hoping someone can advise me. I am sat negative inflammatory arthritis ra. I am due to see rhumy on Wednesday and I am having problems with my hands and feet. My hands are so week I keep dropping things and I am unable to chop veg for more than 10 min ( as I am a chef this is a big problem) my hands go stiff and I can't move them if I push it. What do I do can they help me ? Dose anyone else have this problem? My job is at risk and I don't know what to do? I am on mtx and hydroxychloroquine.

Thank you for your advice if you have any

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I’m sorry to hear this... I run a craft business so I understand how you might be feeling. Our hands are so important. When my ankles were swollen, I used to use warm water with Epsom salts and essential oils maybe try that on your hands?

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Thank you I will try anything at this point.

I think its a combination of lots of things that help...eating well fruit/veg no processed foods no gluten, drinking plenty of water, no alcohol, plenty of sleep, avoiding things that cause a flare up (for me walking fast to the train station every morning causes a flare up) I find an ice pack helps bring down the swelling and resting when I feel i need to not pushing yourself. Im still very weak all over to be honest especially feet and hands but my inflammation is slowly going down from the medication im on Hydroxychloroquine, Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine. I’ve been on this since Feb but not yet in remission. Work is very difficult too...perhaps your specialist will put you on sulphasalazine now and do you take any pain killers? How long have you been on the meds? this disease sucks but stay strong 💪

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Hi and thank you for reply I have been on mtx injection since October and hydroxychloroquine from April I am hoping things will settle down soon but really don't want to add more drug's but if that's what they say I will.

Louis, I have hand problems too and was referred to a physio hand specialist who has helped somewhat. It might be worth asking your rheumatologist for a referral.

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Thank you I will ask when I am in Wednesday

I am or was a chef too Its a huge problem and i am sorry you have to continue to work with this. I had to retire from full time cooking as whole body wouldnt let me stand push pull lift and survive the day. Knife work is a problem for me at home keep them sharpest poss helps. I hope the drugs help enough to keep you working


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Thank you I really love my job and don't want to give up but I feel in the not too distance future that I will have to find a different job just not sure what I can do that will fit around my body giving up? I am only 38 so still have a long way Togo before I can retire. I will keep plodding on as long as I can.

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Where do you cook ? There is a lot of options around catering such as front of house, admin etc where you would have the experience to see it from both sides! The kitchen is a closed world as you know. I still have to cook some times as I am a consultant now and it is hugely difficult. I try and get a steroid injection if a job comes up that I want to do. I couldn't manage otherwise. Talk to them, you will have to let them know what is happening to you soon. You never know what they might offer you as an alternative? best of luck

Hi there I saw a hand physio and occupational therapist I was given exercises and hand splints ( which are like reinforced fingerless gloves) these help to support the hand. Also immersing hands in warm water helps.

Hope you are able to get help xx

Do you know if I can buy the finger gloves? Do they really help? Can they be wet?

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