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Help I am new to Ra and learning all the time how it progresses through the body .For several months now my hands keep locking up like a claw and I have to force my fingers back into place .I have noticed this is becoming worse several times a day and even simple tasks are now throwing a new challenge at me .What I would like to learn is this related to Ra or not. Thanks.

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  • hi.....i have the same feels like they are broken is the ra ..i went to the occupational therapy dept and they made me some splints to wear which are can wear them at night to stop the fingers clawing and when watching tv or relaxing..i have found by wearing them at night my fingers dont claw half as much during the day and its so nice to not have the pain of trying to open them in the mornings xx

  • I have a fabulous OT who specializes in hands - she is very keen on education & prevention before damage gets worse. I've got lots of exercises to do & splints; she's shown me what aids to use & ways of coping/. So far I've had 3 hr long sessions with her & have got another one booked.

  • Yes it is RA related. A physio can help with an exercise regime for your hands. An OT can help with splints and therapeutic plastic putty. There's lots of help out there. Even soaking your hands in hot/cold water helps. Good luck!

  • Yes I got it and I put my physio and occupational therapist up for the NRAS healthcare champion award which they won, there's a picture in this months members magasine. So I would absolutely say see your physio and ot

  • Hello,I hope I can help you on this as I can remember clearly how mine used to do this.i was just having tests for RA as I was having stiffness and pain in my feet and hands,a few weeks later,I woke up one day with claw like hands,all my fingers were affected,I had to run them under as hot water as possible and then still had to prize them apart to straighten them,this happened every day for a few weeks,my consultant said it was due to inflammation and stiffness all caused by my newly diagnosed Ra.

    I've been on mtx now for 16 months,and I've never experienced the claw like hands since,but they do sometimes feel very stiff and sore.pelease try not to worry as it frightened me terribly,I just felt I had to post to you to reassure you its all part of RA.take care michelle xxx

  • hi i have a 'claw' right hand. I personally find it terribly annoying and am constantly trying to hide it as i am so conscious of it looking like a witches hand. I also teach and play the piano so my students are quite often having to look at my hands, i can't play as well as i could, but try to overcome this by adapting my playing. I also own horses and so my hands are in constant use. I also have some splints which do help a lot. I have looked into having surgery to straighten my hand, but at the moment it is much stronger left alone.

    My family are great and constantly tell me its not as bad as i think, and at least for now, there is no pain or inflammation due to the meds i am on. You will learn to adapt to life with your hand. Its not the end of the world, this disease is a hindrance but if you keep upbeat you will over come it. Good luck TT x

  • Hi, I find that my hands are worst at night, when they pain and get numb, and keep me awake. My GP has given me Ibuprofen Gel to rub on three times a day. I've used it for just three days now, and feel definitely better, at least I've been able to get to some sleep. Hope this helps.

  • Many thanks for the info I shall go and get some next week .Have just started to wear splints to help prevent it from happening at night. But willing to try anything. Thanks Ian.

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