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Rheumatology today


Had my first appointment today and was given a steroid injection and put on Sulfasalazine . They said there is obviously an inflammatory issue but didn’t actually say what it was as such. I’ve got to have regular bloods and a review with consultant in 3 months. They gave me a form to take to reception that said diagnosis inflammatory arthritis unspecified .

Does this mean I have RA . I should have asked more questions but all a bit overwhelming .

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I had that too on first appointment, just said some kind of inflammatory arthritis and that RA was most common. I didn’t get results of other blood test (anti-ccp) until next appointment with nurse for methotrexate: highly positive for both that and RF. That was a couple of weeks later I think; 3 months is a long wait, can you ring advice line and ask? I think everyone comes out of first appt a bit shell shocked, I didn’t ask half of what I meant to 😊

I can't answer your questions but wanted to give you best wishes that Sulfasalazine gets you better and back on the road to recovery.

Yes, it is all rather too much at the start. Don't worry, but take it one step at a time and you'll be fine.

Inflammatory arthritis is the general term, and there are a number of similar'ish diseases under that umbrella term of which RA is one. Also psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Often to start with the disease hasn't developed enough to be able to really be sure exactly which one it is. Which can be a good thing as it means you've been caught early. And the treatment for these different diseases generally starts off the same, so you won't miss out.

Look after yourself, and hopefully Sulpha will do the trick. And don't be alarmed by bright yellow pee.....

Lol yes I’d read that was a side effect. I’m guessing they obviously have diagnosed something then if they are treating it? Typically I have really been struggling and today my appointment day was the best day I’ve had in ages .

I didn’t ask any questions hardly . All I heard was steroid injection and I was yes please !!bring it on!! Give me now! 😀 just glad they took me seriously u do start to question if it’s in your head and u just have no pain tolerance . Xx


Absolutely, I had steroid too! They seem to just bung you loads of leaflets at start & not much spoken info. which is when you’re really worried and could do with it (having googled it to death if you’re me 😀). Bizarrely now I’m totally self educated on it everyone discusses things more.

I started writing questions on post its at home when I thought of ‘em and took list in next time 😉

What did we do before google 😄



How long does the steroid injection take to work? To be honest I expected to feel good today and actually don’t at all. Feel really fatigued and hot. Hoping it’s just taking a while to kick in. 😕. I understand the medication can take a while.

I’ve had steroid injections in the past and they’ve never done anything for me unfortunately.


It’s just over a year ago for me. Best I can remember, it wasn’t instant, just stopped joint swelling that I did have; still felt v tired flu-like, slept a lot. Sorry not what you wanted to hear; only my experience too, yours may be better, hope so x

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