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I can help with hair colour too


way before being told I had RD, my immune system decided it didn't like me dying my hair with chemicals and reacted by causing a reaction to hair dyes, any hair dyes.

I was beside myself at the time, as no way did I want the all grey look.

then after searching wide I found Daniel Fields organic water colours .

They have every colour you can think of.

I have never looked back-hope it helps someone???


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This is a better link-


I am think my body is trying to turn me into a holy person, good job I don't react to clothes other wise I look like a holy person too .

trying to keep myself up with humour, better than crying

It sounds really good. Anyone know what shipping to the US would cost?

nomoreheels in reply to dbestdeb

There's an International Advice line, maybe call & ask how much shipping would be? danielfieldmailorder.co.uk/... you could even place your order at the same time if you wish.

The same happened to me. I tried all nontoxic alternatives but ended up with just putting highlights. Turned out to be a good solution.😊

Nessa28 in reply to Simba1992

I had the same horrendous reaction to hair dye . In the end I gave up and let the grey in . However having blond hair the grey was white and it ran through like highlights . I keep getting asked by my daughters friends what colour it is . It's been four years now and I am pleased to say it's healthy long and strong and no anaphylactic moments 😓

Simba1992 in reply to Nessa28

Same here😊


At 67, I'd love my hair to turn grey (my dad has white hair) but no, it stays the same old boring dark brown. Even when I lost the lot through chemo it never changed colour. :-o

Nessa28 in reply to Hidden

Mines gone curly as well 😂💐🤗


Mine did for a couple of weeks, then I had it cut :-o my profile pic was taken at that time.

Nessa28 in reply to Hidden

Oh I'll have to put up a picture lol this should tax me 🤣

Many thanks for the link Veronica, personally I find Environmental medicine has supported me in managing my symptoms, appreciated. :-}

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