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Gaining weight


Hi, does anybody else have a problem with gaining weight? I work out almost every morning and I have not lost a pound. My doc keeps telling me with the meds I am on for my RA and the wonderful diabetes I got from steroids, it will be next to impossible. It's hard to keep getting up at 4:30 in the morning to work out before work when it is doing nothing. Sorry, just needed to vent...

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Ooh 4.30am! I think it takes an awful lot of exercise to impact weight, much more related to food intake and how drugs mess up metabolism, fluid loss etc. If its any comfort you deserve to be thin!

Having previously been fit and slim, I have gained 4 and half stone in 18 months since diagnosis and am now very overweight.

I was eating lots before and immediately after diagnosis, but I don't now and cannot shift any weight all.

4:30am - Wow! I’ve got 3 kids and job and no way I could get up at that time to work out. I take my hat off to you. I’ve been struggling for ages and am really careful to eat healthily but cannot shit a pound. It’s so frustrating and knowing how I felt thinner it really effects my mental health and mood. I honestly think that the meds don’t help at all and have resigned myself to the fact that I’m never going to get back into all of the clothes I’ve kept. I just think that if I didn’t eat healthily I would be massive overweight so I’m maintaining the way I am. The joys of RA and meds! xxxx

So sorry to hear that your struggling, I was exactly the same, and on loads of meds but after crying to my doctor on several occasions he finally put me on Orlistat it’s a fat blocking drug and I’m so happy it’s worked after being overweight for several years by about 20 kilos iv suddenly lost 5 kilos in just over a Month I’m so happy hope I continue to lose even if its slowly it’s still a loss. I have no side effects with the drug and would recommend it to anyone struggling with weight loss. Hope this helps and good luck 😉


Hi, just keep being committed to working out. It helps, I know it doesn’t seem like it. I too felt working out was not paying off. It took me a year and a half to lose 30 lbs, but what if I hadn’t started? Keep the faith that’s it’s working even when you don’t see that is. I wish you well on your journey!

I think the medication play a part in weight gain. They must slow down your metabolism.

I'm booked in for a face to face weight management program which starts this Friday.

I wish you you will find the answer to losing we soon.

All the best

Matilda x

Ps 4:30 start of day. I used to struggle to get at 06:00 for work.

Now retired as off today my natural waking time is 8 and bedtime around 8-9pm.

I admire your dedication and determination to shed your excess weight and understand your frustration when the scales don't reflect it. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat so perhaps you are building muscle at the moment which should then speed up your metabolism. If you can keep going and concentrate on the health benefits of excercise it might make you feel better. Your doctor is a cheerful little soul isn't he/she?


Thank you everyone, I also forgot to say my thyroid is shut down, lol, so that might be part of the problem too. I am going to look into the "orlistat", thank you. I have always gotten up real early so I can never sleep in and do my best in the morning. I appreciate all of your comments, they really help. Hope you all have a painfree day.

Hi Loveittys,

I lost 20 pounds while on steroids and lots of other medication by going on a low fat vegan diet. A bit boring, but very doable as you are never hungry and the weight just drops off.

All the best,


Hi Lovekitty. About 4/5 years ago I went on the Zoe Harcombe diet. How to stop counting calories and lose weight. It's low carb and high protein foods no processed foods. The weight just fell of me. No exercise as I am very limited with what I can do. The principle is not to eat carbs and fat together, if you do the body burns the carbs and stores the fat. It's in 3 stages and the first is quite restrictive, no sugar, caffeine or milk. It might be worth reading about her books online. There are other diets like joe Wicks, Tom Kerridge. It's all good food. They can beat diabetes. It may not be for everyone but worth a look. All the best. X

Steroids are a big culprit in weight gain, esp long term use and it’s next to impossible to loose it. If you can get off steroids that may help. If you can not do without ( and many cannot) I would see if you can get a referral to a dietician ( not a nutritionist) They can take into account your meds and disease and tailor a plan individual for you. Sounds like you already got the physical activity down.

We are all so individual and a diet plan that works for one, may not work for another, it’s a guessing game to find yours. A dietician knows this stuff.

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