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RA and Crohns


Does anyone in here have both RA and Crohn’s disease?

Hoping someone can help.

I currently take biologic Remicade infusions, it was working for both and now it’s not. It’s working ok for my Crohns but stopped working for my RA. All my RA symptoms are coming back. At first it was good till last few weeks before next infusion, now it’s not working at all. I just had infusion a few days ago and it’s not helping my RA.

Anyone had this experience.

I can not add Methotrexate or DMARDS so I’m looking for another biologic that treats both.

Thank you.

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Hiya, I have Psoriatic arthritis and Chrons, there are a few that treat both, cimzia, Humira, and currently I’m on Stelara which is working great for Chrons but not great for joints. You can use the other biologics but your gastro person would then recommend something like aziothioprine for the Chrons, often it will make your joints better as it’s another immune suppressant.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask anything else, I’ve been on almost every biologic and most


Thank you for responding! Thank you also for the information.

I’m on the RA site too and yes just learned

Remicade ( not working)

Humira ( I’m allergic)


are apparently the only biologics that treat both.

I have heard of Stelara from international TV commercials ( I’m in Canada) and not sure if that one is available in Canada. I will have to research it. I did just read up on Xjelganz but that one treats RA and Colitis ( but not Crohns)

I’m pretty upset Remicade is not working as planned. The Remicade took quite awhile to kick in ( started Dec 2017) with the loading dose. It seemed to be working well after awhile for my Crohns, but never completely controlled my RA ( like Enbrel did) .......by the end of May 2018 I started having very bad RA flares breaking through and not going away, now I am also having small Crohns flares here and there.

At first it seemed the Remicade wore off about a week before next infusion. Then it was 2 weeks before, next infusion. Now I just had an infusion and it’s like it already wore off. I was told I have the proper amount of Remicade in my blood. So most likely the drug is not the one for me.

Thank you for the offer to answer my questions. I’m gonna go do some more research first on the things you mentioned. Just feeling very overwhelmed as I can’t seem to coordinate my specialists to work.

I do have one question. Can people be on more than one biologic at the same time?

Ex. I wonder if I can go back to Enbrel for my RA and then try one of the newer biologics for Crohns?

-Money and insurance aside...can the body handle two?

Yes I understand your frustration! My Stelara runs out about a month before the next injection so I’m looking at increasing the frequency. I’d really recommend getting the joints under control and getting your gastro folk to address the Chrons possibly separately. I know you’d rather do both but in my experience they just seem to do one and not the other! There is another I’ve tried which was Otezla, that worked on both but I had horrid side effects so had to stop. There are other options apart from metho as well. Sulphasalazine, tacrolimus, leufludamide. All might help with both. I did remicade but it gave me lupus so that wasn’t a win!

I think current biologics would be too harsh with two, I haven’t come across anyone that does that, ignoring the expense I think it would be really harsh on your immune system.

From what I know about Chrons I believe it often kicks into remission, I wouldn’t say I have mini flares but that something else is out of balance. Don’t forget your ra will be aggravating your gut as well so weirdly those little flares may not be Chrons at all but a consequence of not having your ra controlled. Hope that makes sense 😀

Yes, it does make sense.

I have already been down the road with Methotrxate, and every DMARD under the sun. They have too many side effects and are ineffective, which is why I am now on Biologics. I can not take any of the DMARDS.

My Gastro is the one who wants me to take one drug for both disease. She asked me why my Rheumatologist had me on Enbrel and not Remicade to treat both. I told her because my Rheumy is treating my RA and not my Crohns ( and also I didn’t have Crohns yet at the time he prescribed it) I was diagnosed with RA years before Crohns. My Gastro took me off Enbrel and put me on Remicade to treat both. I just want to be armed with knowledge about the biologic drugs I know she will suggest when I see her next.

Hoping to find something that works!

Funny my Chrons only became really active on enbrel but my joints were good. Hope you find something, it’s not an easy road to walk.

I have RA, psoriatic arthritis and am pretty sure Crohns. I am taking Lefluamide and it also causes diarhea. I don't have that but I go to the bathroom way to many times in one day and its mushy(sorry to be graphic). I guess I need to see a GI doctor. Glad I came to website as woasnt sure if Crohns and RA were connected

A GI can do a colonoscopy and biopsy to confirm whether you have Crohns. A lot of autoimmune diseases are related in if you have one, you are more susceptible to others. If your DMARD is causing diarrhea I would ask for a Med review and see if you can try something else.

My own opinion is a combination of genetics and environmental trigger ( anything from smoking to emotional stress) in addition to gut disbiosis can trigger onset, but I guess no one really knows for sure.

Wishing you luck with your journey.

thank you for your reply. The leflunomide does have diarhea as a side affect.I am limited to what I can take for my RA because when I was on mtx I had a perforation of the bowel. So after a colostomy and an iliestomy I have to be careful that perforation is not part of side effect. I live in the US and biologics like Humira are way to expensive even with good health insurance. So I did set up an appt with a GI dr in May so in the meantime I will minimize how many days I take my RA meds because yesterday was a riduculous day.

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