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Cleaning aids?

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Hi all you lovely people. Anyone got any good suggestions for things to help me clean around the house. I have shoulder, wrist and hand problems as well as bending and kneeling so I struggle with things such as cleaning tiles, taps, cupboards. Do you have any gadgets that you can recommend or just simple tips and tricks. I get depressed when I look at all the things that need doing and know that I can't manage.

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I so understand how you feel. The only answer I can give is that my pip pays for a cleaner every week. Like you I was getting very low and was so greatfull when pip came through. Also things like making a bed was impossible. So if you dont get pip I would say try for it. Not a pleasant experience to go through but was worth it when the cleaner leaves every week. Maybe someone will be able to suggest things that will help you do the work. All the best. 🙂

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Maggsie in reply to Ruth12345

Thanks Ruth, I have thought about applying but some of the horror stories I've read on here have really put me off. I will have another look at it though

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Ruth12345 in reply to Maggsie

I can understand that and im dreading it when my review comes up, but I was generally lucky and did have medical face to face but got the award without having to apeal. It changed my life as I spend it on help Good luck. 🙂

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Ajay575 in reply to Maggsie

Do apply Maggsie you may be entitled to it and a lot of people are surprised .yeh you hear a lot and there are horror stories but there are lots of good ones as well as Mummyola says I would phone this week even look on it as a bonus and you would not be so upset .I personally do think you will get something.

Well the best tip i can give you is get stools around the house to sit on while your doing the cleaning. Feather dusters are a

I follow the Quentin Crisp philosophy on cleaning. :-P

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Anyone remember the Shirley Conran book in the 60s ... how 2be a domestic slut? suggestions like fill the sink with warm soapy water and leave the dishes in overnight; ban waste paper bins [cos who will empty them ? -you]; if you must dust, use dirty washing to do it on the way to w/machine, and loads more ideas. my best help is Marta who comes once a week to vacuum n wash floors. she reorganised kitchen cupboards too. if i need to freeze stuff i now use clean jamjars - got rid of all plastics. i'm sure others will have loads of ideas 4u. xox

Hi Maggsie, sorry to hear about those issues. The only thing I could add, would be to try and change things such as tap handles (and other complicated stuff) to the most simplest form. Get rid of round handles, grooves etc. Not much help, ‘Cos it costs to do that, but basically you want solid, fuss free fixtures. As someone else suggested, funding for a cleaner to help would be the simplest option. GL, hope you find a solution, cheers :)

Time to worry when people put news paper down before sitting😝On chair 🤣

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Maggsie in reply to Nsmith13

It's getting to that point 😊

I got an electric hand held squirts steam to clean the sink & all round the taps ..& the cooker top ....then you just need to lightly wipe them over with a micro fibre cloth.

As for cupboards.....just keep the door dirty can the inside of a cupboard get......maybe my eyesight is so bad I can't see?

I have an excellent cleaning aid - it’s my OH 😂😂 bless him he does so much so I’m not sure I can hire him out to anyone else! I am a very lucky lady 😃

Do jobs little and often to avoid building up to a bigger job that would be too much. My must have items are Dishwasher, tumble dryer, Dyson DC49 with all the extra tools saves dusting and reaches most places. Don't like any clutter around floors, keep all rooms clear of clutter to make life easier when you do hoover. Don't like too many ornaments/dust collectors either! Get husband to change sheets and clean bath, tiles etc. Also, Neff pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens are fab! We only have carpet in bedrooms, all other rooms wooden floors which makes easier to sweep/clean.

I got my pip quite easily the interview was fine, she just asked questions the dr asks, how hard is it to dress, can you manage simple things around the house, just things like that. Fortunately I still have good and bad days, on the good days I do as much as I can cleaning. My husband fitted all taps to leaver so much easier to use and clean. I also have a Dyson lightweight hoover it’s brilliant,

We have hard wood floors and polished wooden stairs no carpets much better to keep clean. I’ve got steamers one upstairs and one down so I don’t have to carry them, they are a boon. What I can’t do my Hubby does for me, lucky in that way.

Good luck, and don’t put off getting pip, if your entitled to it go for it, it will help in many ways, I’ve got my new car from it, keeps me mobile.

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Maggsie in reply to Mummyola

Thanks, I'm going to give it a go. Being able to pay for a cleaner would really help and save my sanity

I had to hire help 3years ago.Best thing I ever did.

Hi Maggsie! I'm in the US and I feel your pain. I want to share the 2 most useful things that I have found to help me around the home. A rollator walker and an adjustable task chair. The rollator helps me move things from room to room. Groceries from the outside door to the kitchen. Laundry from the laundry area to the bedrooms and bath. The task chair is so very handy for so much! I use it to wheel around the kitchen to put groceries away in fridge, cabinets and pantry. I have used it to sit on to clean the fridge, clean and straighten lower cabinets etc. Anything that would require kneeling or be stooping to get to! I get creative! I purchased both through online order from Walmart (great lower prices) which I believe in the UK is ASDA? You could also try Amazon. One other thing, a long handled kitchen tong to grab items off the floor! I hope this helps!

I've just had to get a cleaner I did rely on family but in the end gave in 😕 the first week I did a big tidy up but now just ask her to do the hardest jobs one being changing my bed as I had to lie down in between put the sheet on etc. Look after yourself and let someone else do the hard work

the hospital organised a perch stool 4me adjustable to counter height which is a boon, also lever taps are bliss xox

gp or rheumy cd refer u to occupational therapist if in GB and s/he can organise some aids 4u too xox

I brought a spin cleaner. Its great for the bath and sink. I just spray some non rinse cleaner everywhere then turn on the spin cleaner and it does the scrubby bit. Took a little while to get used to but find it a godsend. xx

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Maggsie in reply to Kyriew

Thanks for this, I've seen them advertised and wondered if they were any good. Sounds like it might be worth a try.

have you tried a garden kneeler that can also turn upside down and be a step they have handles to support you getting up and down. I have a wooden step bought from mothercare, one that little children use to step up to the toilet, light to carry as well . as for tiles A friend advised a steamer, it works well on all tiles floor and wall. also a long handled bathroom brush or sponge helps reach the backs of cupboards.

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