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Slippers and other aids.

I have recieved the catalogue for some house slippers, they look lovely and they have them in pink, but the problem i find is the cost. Why does everything needed to help us cost so much money. I'm on benefits and i don't have money to throw around now. My hubby has told me to get my feet measured and order them,but i'm reluctant as they are over £30 for a pair of slippers. I don't mind if it is a apair of shoes as they can be expensive.

It doesn't end with footwear,shoe horns,chairs,stairlifts,bath aids. The saying goes that there is a living to be made out of the dead,but it is the same with the disabled. Everything we need cost a fortune.

I am still resting after having a good nights sleep.I still don't have any energy and i'm still in pain,but nothing like i was at the weekend. I have fell asleep again this morning so i must have needed it. I'm in a good place in my head,which is good news at least. How long it will last who knows,but i'l enjoy it while its here.

So i will finish this missive and wish you a good day.


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It is important to have comfy but supportive slippers. so you could say it is a necessary expense.. but I no what is like money wise.. how about asking for them as part of your xmas pressie if it is bothering you xx


Hubby has told me to order them,as he says by the time that you've brought three pairs of slippers,you'll have one pair that will suit your needs. The slippers i've got know are padders,but they are not full slippers. I just think that every thing we need costs a fortune. It cost me £25 for a stick holder for my big flash scooter(trying to be funny) All it is a bit of material with straps on it. Hubby has fitted it for me. I will get measured tomorrow when he is home and i'll ring it through so hopefully it will be here before christmas. I'm just an old scrooge aren't i.ha ha.

Sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi

I agree as I have just ordered a walking stick. It came today and I've tried it out this evening when I walked the dog. I took it to physio this afternoon, to ensure it was set at the correct height for me.

I also need hosiery help, but I am reluntant to purchase them due to the cost. Today I had no choice and I had to wear tights under my trousers, in attempt to keep my knees warm. Had the customary fight and in this case I used the trouser crutch to ensure the tights were in the place they were suppose to be.

I am gonna ask for a OH appt. and hopefully I can get them free other wise I am waiting for a after christmas sale!

Take care

Sci x


the image of you fying by on your big flash scooter popped into my head whilst reading your blog!! i would love to see it :) i would love one myself, there seems to be alot more of them in holland than ive seen in manchester or ireland-----> then again i think i would be quite scared as drivers are not that great in ireland!!! your right getting the slippers, take care of your feet and knees :) its a pity all the things we need are so expenisve, you would think as there are so many arthritis sufferers tha it would be a bit cheaper!! glad you got sleep also, i hope you get more tonight, i told them in work im leaving for good when i fly home on the 22nd im so glad to be going home, take care xxx


Laney, I left the Cranberry Bread Recipe on here, at the end of my blog. Maybe you could take one home when you go! If you have kitchen facilities. I'd make one for you but afraid it might get lost in the ocean whilst you are in flight, and you'd miss it :)

I know you will be so relaxed and happy to be home. Enjoy every minute! Love, Loret


thank you so much!! :) im definitly gonna try it, when im home and feeling a bit better. hope you are good , take care xxx


Hello Sylvi :) have you considered making an occupational therapy appointment and an orthotist appointment? I have to have many aids too including footware, bath aids and special chairs and I understand that they cost a lot. A few years a go an occupational therapist came to my house and did a thorough assessment of my needs. I had a second bannister rail put in the stairs, two handles outside the front door put in, got loads of equipment too including a groovy bath seat and lots of kitchen equipment etc and it was all free! I would really suggest you make an appointment with an occupational therapist and orthotist and see what you can get for free - its worth it trust me! :) Hope youre feeling well and keep smiling! :) x


I am under ot and podarist .I have had first appointments with both,it looks like i will get insoles and ot will assess me i think at a later date.

I have spent a fortune on things i need to help me. I just felt that the slippers were a bit on the dear side,but hubby says i'm having them and thats that. Bless him he is wonderful.



You, and your feet, will be sooo happy! I always say, if your feet hurt, everything hurts!! Enjoy and savour your feet!!


Morning loretta, I didn't do it yesterday as i had major problems with my laptop as it crashed,had to get a man in to sort it out. It took most of the afternoon.

How are you today,its freezing here today and we can expect snow as well. I'm suffering with the cold. take care. xx


Yep, Syvia, It got cold here too. In fact yesterday was really weird. The temp was 54 F, very windy, then a deluge of rain that lasted about 40 mins, then it got colder. This morning temp was only 25, well below freezing! Then, I'm wondering why my back and feet hurt when I was just sitting, doing Christmas cards! Gees, I dread the next 4 months of cold, miserable weather!!

I would be devastated if my computer crashed! It's like a lifeline, isn't it?

Stay warm and comfy, order your slippers. I ordered a pair of Dearfoams last weekend on-line, but they are not here yet.

Yesterday the doorbell rang while I was doing cards at the dining room table, by the time I got to the door, there was no one there, but a stack of boxes as tall as I delivery from the on-line shopping! Yay, that's the way to shop, as long as you have a credit card. I only have one, from the Kohl's Department store where I shopped on-line. Shopping in your warm and snuggy jammies, how cool is that?! Have a good one! Love, Loret


You lucky devil,the problem now is wrapping them all unless kohls do that for you as well. Jammies i don't wear them,but then i have hubby to keep me warm.

It was not nice losing all my stuff like it did yesterday especially as i was having a painful and tiring day to boot. No sleep again,nothing new there.

It is bitterly cold here, i have the heating on constant today as i was cold when i got back from bedworth having gone to get bobs prescriptions from the chemist for him as he was getting ready for work. I managed to get home before he left, so that pleased him to know i was home safe and sound. He worries about me no end, bless him i wouldn't have him any other way.

All my cards are done and posted thank goodness, bob has to write them these days. I can do one or two then my hands get stiff.

Now you take care writing those cards and wrapping those presents, get help if you find it too much.

Love sylvia.xx


my granny always said to me from being a baby, always get good foot wear and a good bed, cos if your not on one your in the other

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never a truer word spoken. I have a damn good bed. It is electric and very comfy too,it needs to be as i spend a lot of time in it.

sylvi. x


Glad you’re feeling somewhat brighter today. Xx

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