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Does anyone know where I could get a walking stick/crutch with a arm rest type thing attached? Was saying to my sister today that I need to use my stick because my knee is painful at the minute,but my wrist/ hand is also painful, so said she had seen someone with something like this,but we were looking for it on the Internet & couldn't find anything similar to what she had seen. Would appraciate any help in this matter gentle hugs Michelle x

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  • Contact your Rheumy department and ask to see the Occupationsl therapist or/and physiotherapist. they will custom make things that you need and suggest other things which could help you, good luck x

  • hi if you google arthritic crutch it comes up with lots but they are expensive..might be worth asking ot if they can lend somethankyou for your post as i have same problem cant walk but hands and wrists too bad for normal sticks....will be exploring myself xx

  • I have some called fisher sticks as I can't grab a crutch so this type lets you lay your hands on with less pain. Your physio / it will be able to show you different types .

  • i cant put any weight on my wrists so fisher sticks are no good sadly

  • Lol " I can't grab a crutch" lol ! How did I pass my English exams !

  • You need to see a physio and get properly assessed for mobility aids. They will look at your needs and then make sure you get exactly the right thing, and also make sure it is measured up and adjusted right for you, and you are shown how to use it properly so it doesn't put strain on any other part of your body. I have bought my own crutches in the past, but only after I had a full physio assessment, so I knew what I was doing. I've heard of far too many people buying mobility aids without assessment first, and ended up with the wrong things, or with using them the wrong way so it hasn't given them the relief they need. A lot of places you can self refer to NHS physio now, and if you tell them why you are wanting to be seen (because you can't safely move around at the moment) and ask to be put on the waiting list for a cancellation, you may get seen fairly quickly.

  • Hi, my siblings bought me a pair Xmas 2013. Best things ever! Www.smart crutch. Com - not too expensive plus VAT exempt.

    Hope this helps

  • Gutter crutches are good if you can't take the strain through your hands etc.

  • I bought some Nordic walking poles, as they are held in a totally different way to walking sticks. I hold them just above elbow level and have found they have strengthened my arms without hurting or damaging my hands and wrists. I used to use a traditional walking stick and ended up with a damaged thumb tendon and really bad shoulder pain.

    But obviously, we should always talk to our medics first to make sure we are doing the right thing.

  • I have had RD for 20 yrs, now severely deformed hand and wrists. Occupational therapists have given me a gutter crutch which I used when had wrist surgery that was very comfortable but now use an elbow crutch. You should not have to buy your own.

    It took several different styles to try but now I have one that is most comfortable.

    All the best, persevere and ask to see an OT if you don't have one.

  • Should have said Physiotherapist can also supply crutches

  • I use a forearm crutch that sounds like what you're talking about Michelle or gutter crutches as mentioned by BoneyC.

  • Thanks everyone for your time in helping me in this matter luv Michelle x

  • Hi, you can hire them really cheaply from the Red Cross. Look up Red Cross equipment on the internet and enter your postcode for the nearest branch. I have just hired a pair of elbow crutches (brand new) for £16 for a month. They are lovely helpful people who can also offer mobility advice.

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