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Methotrexate abroad


My daughter has been been offered a place at a University in Australia for five months as part of an exchange programme.

She is taking 15 mg Methotrexate per week and would need to take 5 months supply of Methotrexate with her. The Australian authorities have advised her that she may import up to three months supply per import and that I could, as an immediate family member, import the remaining 2 months with me. I have just spoken to the Medical clearance team for British Airways and they have advised me that I am not able to carry another person’s medication.

Your advice and guidance are urgently needed. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

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Won't she register with a GP in Oz? and they then prescribe ?

Go back to whoever told your daughter she can only take 3 months supply with her & ask the legal way to get the other two months supply to her as BA will not let you carry the Mtx with you.

If that fails - approach the Australian Embassy here in UK& explain your dilemma.

Have you arranged her blood tests for her whilst she is in Australia? She shouldn't go 5 months without blood tests.

Whatever you do DO NOT decide to take your daughter's Mtx with you without written permission. Best case scenario would be you would be put on the first plane home, worst case you would end up being detained & prosecuted....Australian Immigation is very strict,

If you go down the right route you will be able to get the mtx to your daughter...but get everything in writing.

It may just be as simple as posting the pills & completing a Customs Declaration, or even seeing a local doctor in Oz with a letter from your daughter's rheumatologist.

Good Luck!

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