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What's next 😏

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the group 😊 to try to make it short I've had RA for 38yrs I'm now 56. I've had lots of drugs over the years but about 15 yrs ago went on methotrexate, then 5yrs ago developed lymphoma, had 6 rounds of chemo, RA felt great πŸ‘Œ now RA has come back 😑 now at the moment I'm on prednisolone and co dydramol, don't want to go back on methotrexate as haemalogist advised not to, had thought about the drug that I had in my chemo, can't remember the name begins with R πŸ€” but apparently my blood is showing not enough inflammation. Waiting to go back and see the rheumatology nurse but at a loss about what treatment I could have, any ideas would be appreciated or has anyone been in my situation, many thanks for reading πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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Was it Rituximab Plumcrumble? This is often used for RA and is a Biologic. Although many hospitals are now moving over to Biosimilars. The drug can now be made by other drug companies which means it is cheaper for the NHS. Same drug, different name. Rituximab is available as a biosimilar called Truxima. As I had cancer 5 years ago, I can't have some of the Biologics (Humira, and other anti TFN's. But there are other DMARDS apart from MTX you could look into. NRAS have produced a booklet you can either download, or order (free of charge). You might find it worth looking at. nras.org.uk/publications/me...

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Hi yes that's it πŸ‘ thanks so much for the info, will look into it all thanks for taking the time, all the best

Oh my! Hope you are better. I’ve had RA and been on max for 12 years. Been better and worse! Refused prednisone and biologics. Trying to reduce my dosage (on 8 tablets). Try changing to a plant based diet, it has changed my life. No dairy, sugar, gluten, meat and minimal oil, no processed foods at all

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Thanks for your reply Michpic, yes I certainly think diet helps a lot, will look into it more, thanks again πŸ‘

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