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Good morning everyone was just looking up some facts about RA and came across this site . I was diagnosed about 4 months ago with RA I am currently taking the rusuvo methotrexate injection . I was diagnosed with fibro myalgia for yrs even after blood work showing something about having the RA about 6yrs ago and I was told I didn't have it but I had it in my blood because of my father having it . Now I am on the methotrexate and that scares me because my father had methotrexate lung from the medication along with all his other problems . The injection seems to help didn't realize it till I noticed the day before the injection is due the pain is more severe . I am concerned about the methotrexate but tried a pill prior without it and it messed up my stomach .It's nice to have a place to go to here others experience with this disease

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  • I've just started the Methotrexate injections myself. I was told I had fibromyalgia for many years like you - not fun. The Methotrexate is easing the pain and yes I also have less energy day before injection. Hope your stomach settles down.

  • I take it you's get bloods taken every month so keep an eye on them

  • I was given a pile of blood test forms!

  • My doctor seems to do my blood every couple months should it be done every month

  • Welcome to us here Ceddy. I hope now you've found us it will be helpful. For many of us methotrexate was our first med, though actually it was my second but it has been my longest serving, 8 years now & to be honest I'd be lost without it.

    I'm sorry to hear that you had such a delay in diagnosis, your father also having RD should have been considered really, as it is though that genetics have a part to play. I was diagnosed on my own merit though my Grandmother did also have it. I'm also sorry that MTX affected your father's lungs, that must have been a concern for you when deciding to start it.

    If you have any questions ask away, we've lots of info & experience to share, not much surprises us! ☺️

  • Thank you

  • I am not the most healthy eater I work in a convenience store on my feet all day we really don't take break's so I grab a doughnut or cookie or something like that . I am very picky when it comes to food . I really didn't know​ that my diet would help with my Pain or numbers

  • It's recommended we eat a healthy diet & drink plenty of water no doubt about that. Processed foods aren't great so if you try to limit them that will help. I eat as healthily as I can, I've continued eating when living in the Mediterranean, but do allow myself the odd treat just not every day, that way I don't feel I'm being denied anything! You'll find out by trial & error what causes inflammation & names you more sluggish. So, if you recognise it's not good snacking on doughnuts & biscuits maybe you could try changing what you snack on? For me it depends on my mood so it could be a morning coffee or rich tea biscuit but more often than not it's a small handful of nuts, any, I've no particular favourite. I always have plain rice cakes in or there's always a carrot, celery stick or piece of cucumber in the fridge if that's what I fancy. You'll find something that satisfies you I'm sure. 😉

  • I'm every 4 weeks have been since I've been on mtx and am on a Bisomar as well now so I've carried on every 4 weeks although my bloods are always pretty normal but I'm seronegative RA

  • Does that mean you are in remission ?

  • Welcome to the group Ceddy 123. Once your meds kick in, you will be fine.

    Always feel free to post as there is someone always awake to talk to you.

  • No I'm not in remission yet hopefully one day I will be xxx

  • I now have blood tests every 3 months but I have been on the drugs for years with no problems. At 4 months I was still on monthly tests. If you are worried discuss this with your rheumy and make sure he/she knows about your family history.

    I would also suggest that you start to keep your own records of your blood test results, so you can ask questions if you think things aren't as they should be. If you don't have your own monitoring book you can download one here...

  • Thanks everyone I really am glad I found this site

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