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Excessive sweating


Hi. I'm Gloria. I have been having night sweats during the day. Hot flashes every day. Sweating so bad my face and neck are dripping. It is very embarrassing. I talked to my primary doctor and she just laughed. Said it was not a problem. I need to see another doctor, but I don't know what kind of doctor I should see. This is becoming a real problem for me. I'm sweating in air conditioning, where every one else is cold. Also my feet are always freezing. I don't know what to do anymore.

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Try an endrocrinologist.

I'm years past menopause, and still suffer from profuse sweating. My doc said it could happen and gave me belodona, not sure if it has helped. Yes it can be embarrassing especially when out shopping, but I've got used to it and joke my way through it.

Are you on prednisone? because this is a well known side effect. I sympathise with you entirely - it feels disgusting and I have started to hate hot days.

I have had this problem for a few years - the sweating is just from my scalp and it runs into my hair and down my face and neck. Worse in the summer, and even when I am not exerting myself. I am not menopausal, or on any of the meds that I was on when it first started and I had it before RA anyway, so not RA or meds related. I asked a GP - she said she had never come across it before. I am in another RA group and one lady has mentioned she has hyperhidrosis - worth looking that up and see if it sounds the same as you have. I am going to ask my own GP about it when I next have cause to see him. Keep us posted!

Hi egtimmons.

I have a profuse sweating issue - doesn’t matter the temperature, where I am, what I’m doing or doing nothing at all. I have severe Palmoplantar Pustular Psoriatic Arthritis along with plaque and inverse. Whenever I bring up the sweating my doctors all point at each other, none admitting it’s an issue in their area of expertise. My gp did test my estrogen levels and my thyroid - which are fine. He now ignores the problem when I bring it up. The closest I have come to being given a reason was by my rheumatologist who said the severe inflammation internally was causing the sweats. He gave me no hope of stopping them. I have since changed rheumatologists, & when I brought this issue up she does what my dermatologist and gp do now - she skimmed right past & changed the subject. I have made a video of myself during one of these sweats and intend to pin each doc in the corner with it until I can get SOMETHING done to treat it. It’s summer and I try to not go out of the house because if I do my hair is literally dripping with sweat before I ever reach my destination. I keep my house at 69 degrees. I have been standing in line at the grocery store and begun to sweat, with it running down my neck, dripping off my bangs into my eyes. This is no way to have to live! Best of luck to you - to us both!

Medications - Currently on Tremfya only (nothing for the arthritis portion). I’ve changed meds many times over the last 2 1/2 yrs as psoriasis refuses to go into remission, but the profuse sweats stay the same.

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Yep - I have the same issue. I am sitting in my air conditioned office with a dishtowel around my neck because I am drenched. I recently bought some hair drying turbans to wrap up in when I start this mess out in public. Hope I don't look too foolish..

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@CaeryIUSA - so sorry! Totally relate!

I’ve heard that a vitamin D deficiency can cause the sweats. Might be worth checking if you haven't been.

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For me, my Vitamin D is at 76, so that is not the issue...

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@dbestdeb - Great point! BUT did take prescription vit d for low levels not too ago but level is fine now. Sweats were happening prior to taking the vit d and now that levels are fine, the sweating hasn’t changed. 🙁

Hello Gloria, You probably have a fever? RA is a severe inflammatory disease affecting lots of the body, so causes a fever, and fever often = sweats! Paracetamol might help to bring the your temperature down. Good luck.

Hiya Gloria. We're not medically qualified, we're a group of people with RD (Rheumatoid Disease/Arthritis) PsA (Psoriatic Arthritis) & associated autoimmune diseases so we'll be only suggesting. Firstly, I'd be kicking your GP into touch, laughing at you was less than helpful, you went with a real concern & her response was most unprofessional!

I presume you're not menopausal, the way you describe your symptoms it would be too obvious. You've not started any new meds, either RD-related or not, with excessive sweating listed as a side effect? You're not diabetic or have an overactive thyroid? I'm thinking you're not in the UK so it's not unusually warm & humid for June where you are? Humidity for me is a killer for joints & will cause excessive sweating. Speaking of which there is a condition which causes excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis... there are three types, primary, secondary & generalised. Have a read, see if you recognise the symptoms ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

I'd see a different GP at your Practice, if that's possible. As you can see there are things which can help if it is hyperhidrosis. All the best.

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