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What a beautiful day?


Hello all,

The last few days has been great here in the south east. The temperature today managed to get up to 21 degrees with clear skies. But like most folks on this forum I spent the day indoors viewing the sun and all its glory from my sitting room with the patio doors open. The sunshine is great for most people, but if you’ve got swollen painful joints and it’s impossible to move without wincing, the best place on glorious days like this is usually in the shade, unless you have a desire to look like the Michelin man come evening. It’s a crying shame that when you’re plagued with a condition like arthritic disease and you’re not stable or in remission, that you have to spend most of your time missing the wonderful outdoors because your body just doesn’t have the capability of doing what it once did. I miss the family hikes, the outdoor activities like canoeing, climbing and being able to get up a hill without being in shear agony. I am hoping that one day I can get to be just a little closer to the person I once was. I am not asking for much, I would like to wake up pain free, go on walks without needing a stick, cycle with my kids. I am not asking for miracles (although it feels like it at times) just some of my life back.

Is there anyone here who has managed to achieve this. If yes, I would love to hear from you. It would be great to know that there’s hope.

Enjoy what’s left of the sunshine and this glorious day 😊

N x

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Hi Nicole, I have short phases when pain is much more bearable but rarely get a proper walk. Exhaustion prevents that, due to drug therapy. And damaged joints don’t help!

There are a few who do have much more normal lives though.

It has been much cooler up here, high only 16! Windy too, feels like autumn after the warm weeks.

Glad you could at least see outdoors and enjoy fresh air coming in. :-)


I'm south east at mo' too n today's been glorious 😄 i do sit in garden with parasol up or watch birds thru open french doors. Loved country walks but can't go as far, got a stick but fancy some nordics. Sometimes i just do things anyway n suffer a bit afterwards but hell life's for living; it's usually worth it i find. My latest body boarding in cornwall did my wrists n hip in for week but don't care and getting in n out if wetsuit was hilarious! Do what you can & sometimes give what you can't a try i think, hope things get better for you soon x

I have read on hear that a number of people have got to, or very close to where you want to be so hopefully they will post something on here. Im so much better than I was when diagnosed, so on my way. ☺


It’s taken me 4 years and a change of drugs to get to a better quality of life. Although I was told I was in remission a few months ago I still have good days and bad days. Morning stiffness and general stiffness after sitting down. I have swollen joints but little pain. I am exhausted a lot of the time and mostly for no reason but I walk my dogs twice a day for at least 2-3 miles. I gave up work a year ago which was a really tough decision but luckily for me I was able to and it was the best thing I did. I now get to focus on my painting which my hands and wrists allow me to do. I am grateful for my good days and count my blessings. RA affects everyone differently, there’s no doubt that it’s a nasty disease that can take your quality of life but don’t be so hard on yourself, do what you can, keep life as simple as possible and enjoy the good days, rest on the bad days.

Hope it improves for you and I wish it was sunny today.....dog walks in the rain aren’t much fun.....😰😊

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