What a beautiful day...

What a beautiful day...

What a realy lovely day we have had. We had a lovely few days in devon and we had a safe trip home. We didn't see any rain as such on the way home. I had a lovely surprise when i got home,the wait for it Taxman sent me a nice rebate. I went off to bedworth this to put it in the bank before he changed his mind. I got some vege and a couple of lightbulbs that we needed. On the way home some idiot parked his car right in the middle of the footpath and it was hardwork to get passed him. I broke my bag and i thought i had broke my scooter. I was very annoyed i can tell you. I got a bit of paper and left the idiot a note telling him not to park there. Then went up the village and paid the papers and got the lottery,well yopu have to try don't you. The footpaths up to the village are also blocked by idiots parking on them. Don't these people realise that they will be responsible for any damage done to their own cars as it is illegal to park there.

I had a bit of a meltdown when i got home.I felt a little bit better afterwards. Since then i have managed to get the ironing done from our holiday.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.. Dawlish by night...

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  • I think you live in a town made up of idiots today, I call it downright selfish! Where are the traffic wardens when you need them or the Police? I hope you made the note rather stern and promised to charge him for any damage to your scooter, might make them think next time. I do hope your scooter is ok as it's your lifeline. Take care.

  • Glad you got back safely Sylvi. Some people only think of themselves, good for you leaving them a note! Sleep well in your own bed tonight.

    Mary x

  • Glad you had a lovely break and got home safely,maybe you should print off posters to put on cars etc that park in your way!!! They will soon learn to keep off the pavement sylvi, is around lol!!!! Xxx

  • Morning girls, I have given some thought to printing of posters and keep meaning to do it,but like everything else i forget.

    Georje,your right there is never a copper or warden when you want one,but when i see one i complain to them about it.

    Girls i have had a good nights sleep so in my head i don't feel too bad as to the rest of me my body hasn't woken up yet. I am sitting here with the news on and a cup of diamond jubilee tea. The last of the holiday washing is in the machine. I did all the ironing yesterday afternoon, i was pleased with that even if i did pay for it later.

    I spent last night watching strictly come dancing and boy did i enjoy it, Lisa riley was fantastic.

    Hope you all have a good day. Love Sylvi xxxxx

  • Glad you had a good holiday and that you are back home safely. You are right, Lisa Riley was brilliant and as Craig said - she can dance!

    Wendy xx

  • And very nice to come back to a present from the taxman, wish he'd do the same for all of us. And it's only strictly week one...what are they all going to be like after another few weeks? Although personally Colin Salmon's my favourite so far. Px

  • I don't know about colin,that louis is looking fit. I thing lisa riley is really going to shake things up a bit. I have just polished my bedroom,you would think i had ran a marathon. I am having a rest now and then i will go back upstairs to do a bit more. Hope you have a lovely day and are out of pain.xxx

  • Glad you had a nice break, dont overdo things now will you? Well done getting the ironing done. And yes there are lots of selfish people out there who dont give a damn where they park their cars!!! Take care and a lovely pic xxxx

  • Morning treesha, bit late for that,i overdid it yesterday,i did a lot of polishing round the house. I had a really good day and i got a lot done,i'm not so sure that i will have anything like that today.

    Thank you. sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylvie, Good that you are home and the tax man cometh the same day, wow, no wonder you're on a "High" ! Curiosity has gotten the best of me, for a year I have been visiting here...Don't be shocked...But, what on earth do you people iron?? Once a year, maybe, I might iron some dresser scarf, or a good table cloth, nothing else needs ironed. However, there is no man around to need his shirts ironed :) Yet. :) Loret

  • Loretta, we iron a lot of things. Eg; shirts,sheets,dresses,trousers. There is a lot of things we iron. We don't iron underwear, towels and things like that. We don't have a lot of things that don't need ironing. Does that answer your curiosity ha ha. Sorry loretta i found it funny that americans don't do a lot of ironing. How are you these days loretta i haven't seen you blog laterly? love sylvia. xxx

  • OMG! The biggest difference must be in what we wear on a daily basis! This time of year, with chilly mornings and temps in mid day only about 20-30 degrees warmer, most of us retired women wear jeans and sweatshirts, or flannel shirts. None of which need ironing, especially if we can catch them right out of the dryer and hang them on hangers. Though, using a liquid fabric softener in the final rinse of the washing machine, softens and relaxwes the threads and yarns in clothing, so it doesn't need ironng. Maybe that should be used as a commercial :)

    I have one set of sheets that has an embroidered and scalloped lace head on the top sheet that I like to press out when I use them, my other ones are partly polyester and cotton. Polyester is used almost exclusivley in clothing and tablecloths and sheets, so it doesn't need ironing. It makes clothing light weight, warm but not bulkey.

    Right now I have a collection of antigue linens that were my Grandmother's, to be ironed before I put them out about the house again. Took up all of them weeks ago and washed them, getting ready for Fall and Winter, haven't gotten around to getting out the ironing board and iron. I keep the iron on top of the dryer, so if anything comes out of the dryer needing a touch up I can do it immediately. That said, being single and living alone, I don't have any pressure on me to get them done. :)

    Wouldn't it be so interesting if we all could get together and chat about our living arrangements, customs and habits? Be fun to talk about something besides RA, etc once in awhile! Might even be therapeutic :) As a therapy session, then we could talk about it here :) Enjoy your day, Sweet Sylvie, it is sunny but cold here at the moment.

    I know I do owe you guys a new blog with updates :) ! til then, Loret

  • Iron? What in heaven's name is that? Can't remember when I last got my iron out.....oh yes I can, it was to remove water marks from a veneered table. Also sometimes use iron on steam setting to sterilise soil in seed trays.

    I too have a linen tablecloth that my grandmother embroidered when she was 18, which has to be ironed (amazing, it's 2 centuries old...) . I used it for last Christmas dinner, and washed it straight after so good to be reminded that I've only got 2 months to get round to ironing it for this year!!

    Sylvi what in heaven's name do you wear that needs so much ironing, but means you must be as neat as a pin! I don't have a tumble dryer, but find that as long as I empty washing machine straight away and shake things they dry just fine. worst comes to the worst, if somethings gets too crumpled in the cupboard, I hang them out by the shower so the steam helps them to smooth out. Pollyx

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