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Patting exercise for wellness

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Hi all, found this 4 minute excercise very rejuvenating. All can do this very simple excercise. I feel fresh throughout the day. Do it twice, after waking up and once again in the evening.

Hope it helps some of you.

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Don't know about anyone else but the last thing I want is my immune system boosting. I,ve been trying to calm it down since 1999!

But I'm glad it helps you Padram.

Hi.Regardless of thoughts about meridians etc, we did this at a Tai Chi class. I felt was one way to check we were alive and awake. (I would say go gently on the hands ands other sore bits. ) We also did Qigong Shibashi which was in essence gently wafting round the upper body to pleasant gentle music. It can also be done in a chair. It doesn't have to be learnt like tai chi. No danger of crashing into others and very uncomplicated providing you have the flexibility. Glad you have found something thats helpful to you.

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Well AgedCrone , you do have a point there, and Norisa, I feel so fresh, so, maybe it is helping me in some way. Also, I am off any medication, only supplements, plus a strict diet regime. My Inflammatory markers are almost normal. I will continue this atleast for a month, and update.

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Thank you very much for sharing this, Padram, it looks interesting. Unfortunately, we're busy packing for a holiday in France and I haven't time to watch properly. Perhaps I'll be able to give some of the other caravanners on the campsite a giggle when I practice. Hugs


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Great Gnarli, have a blast ! I now remember reading about EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, some years back. This is similar to that. Maybe it helps in removing negative energy from our body? I believe in positive and negative energies. Definitely something good is happening ! Keeping fingers crossed that my Inflammatory markers don't shoot up ! 😁

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stbernhard in reply to Gnarli

Bon voyage!

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Gnarli in reply to stbernhard

Thank you!

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Hi I just tried this and I do fee a bit more energised and upbeat so maybe thereis something to it. I'm gonna give it a whirl for a bit! ((hugs)) M x

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Thank you Padram, going to give it a go 😊

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Just t

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Hi Padram... just tried this and , yes, definitely pleasant after effect

A bit "glowy" !

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