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Revision hip replacement


Revision hip replacement after 18 years .....struggling with recovery.....anyone been there ?

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Yes, I had my first THR Dec 2008, healed up and off gutter crutches, but started feeling unwell 2 months later - infected prosthesis. Despite attempts to save it, wash outs failed and the THR was removed. Had to wait 4 months to be clear of infection for second THR and they had to cut a tendon, resulting in no external rotation. The result is not as good as first hip, not as flexible.

I had a right hip revision on Dec last year all went well

I had the first hi replacement in 2000

I'm sorry yours didn't go well I hope you will continue to hopefully get better

I'm so pleased for you , I had my first hip replacement in 2001 an was a great success.....I am still on one crutch 10 weeks into this second op ,worried am taking too long to recover although docs says I'm doing ok. It's the muscle at the front of the top of my leg still sore an can't put my full weight on it without the crutch ....did you get much physio? How long before you walked without crutches ....? Thanks for replying....

Hi sorry you’re having problems

I didn’t use crutches at all

Not even in hospital

Apparently they couldn’t get

Suitable ones for me

I Used a zimmer( the shame)

I had physio in hospital

But not after

I had my op on 23rd dec and went home Xmas eve

I hope you’re feeling better

You will get there

Take care

Sorry to hear you are struggling after the revision surgery😞. I'm on a waiting list to have mine revised and found this discussion really interesting.

Lets hope you stop struggling soon.

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