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Biologics secukinumab injections


Just looking some advice this is my 7th biologic. Have any of your been on this .I have been sick every few weeks from started this in Oct. Worst was yesterday at a wedding after service went out side I was to warm next thing voilenty sick 3times had to go home .I've never been like this on other biologics so don't know what to think .I had camera test both ways all ok .not due to c rheaumtoglist till May June. Any advice thanks amy

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Can you phone helpline and talk to someone, I wouldn't be taking anymore until I've spoken to someone

Amy65 in reply to popsmith1874

Hi popsmith 1874 I was at gp yesterday before wedding she dosent know this biologic well .but said if I'm still being sick don't take them .phoned helpline said immune system is weak I already know that it's my 7th biologic.said this 1 dosent normally cause sickness but not everyone is the same .left message for rheaumy nurse c what she says .won't be taking anymore thankyou Amy x

Hi Amy65 I’m due to start this biologic next week . The reason I’m going on this and not one of the other well known ones is because I’ve had skin cancer in the past 3 yrs. this is a brand new biological only recently tried here from America . I would seek your Rheumy nurses advice if you are feeling unwell as could be that it doesn’t agree with you ..... hope your ok

Amy65 in reply to JayneN

Hi thankyou just read up the reviews on line 're dosent suit everyone .advice line told me to stop it till I c my consultant rheaumtoglist. Hope it helps u x amy

Hi Amy65 sorry to hear that you are suffering this bad reaction from this. I am due to talk to my Rheumatologist on the 11th May about starting this one as none of the other DMARD's worked on me. Wanted to ask how often do you have the injection and wether you have to do this yourself. Hope you are recovering now.

Amy65 in reply to karenpenn

Karenpenn I'm getting ok now had to stop the injections .they are a monthly injection of 150mg pen device for RA. If it's for psoriasis it's 2 injections monthly .yes u have to self inject or 1 of ur family can be taught .but don't worry hospital will show u .and nurse comes out to u for 1st injection to c u can do it .u will probley be on loading dose injection every 5days for few weeks then monthly .is this ur first biologic. X amy

Hi Amy65 yes this will be the first biologic as this is the last option as none ot the other methods worked as i have two arthiritis one RA & Psoriasis and reckon i might have fibro as well. Best wishes.x

Amy65 in reply to karenpenn

Hi Karenpenn it's seems to be the norm if dames don't work biologics are next step .this is my 7th biologic .I too have RA anklossing spondlittis b12 injections for auto immune conditions. Seems to come in 3 dosent it hope biologics help u .some times it's trial in fairer to c what works good luck x amy

Thank you x

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