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Rheumatologist appointment

My GP called me today got my appointment set up with rheumatologist they can’t see me until July 10 that’s a good ways off but it’s really hard to get Appointments cause there are not too many in my area just hoping they have a spot they can move me up I feel bad all the time and hurt I stay so sleepy and tired for no reason

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Hi it is a wait in a lot of places8 to 10 weeks you do the odd one quicker .wot you could try they allow it here if you could go any time .phone reception appointments and ask if there is any cancellations every 2 weeks .


Yes I am on the cancellation list hoping I get lucky they will call if they get an open but no telling how many are in front of me waiting ugh 😑

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🤞hopefully soon


Well if you have uncontrolled RA then you will feel completely exhausted and in pain. Sorry.

Have you asked your GP for something to help for the next couple of months, like a course of steroids or stronger anti-inflammatoires? And whether they can push for an urgent appointment?

But if you do take anything to help then remember for stop 5 or 10 days before your appointment as you rheumatologist will need to see you at your worst. And write down your symptoms so you have a record.


That is a long time when you feel that bad. I agree with Ajay - maybe ask if there is a cancellation to let you know. Best luck in getting in sooner...


Can you be referred outside of your area ? Disgusted that they are making you wait so long


Where I live if they did refer me to a closer one it would be at least 100 or miles more and I would have no way to buy the gas to get there


I’m sorry I hadn’t checked in for a while I had a really bad last couple weeks with the pain I’m just hoping and praying I get a call with a closer appointment


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