lump in my mouth

i dont think this has anything to do with my condtition but thought id ask if anyone has had it before, for the last week or so ive noticed a lump on the roof of my mouth its not painful and i can rub my tongue on it, i cant see it and my bf says its probs just an ulcer but ive had plenty of ulcers to know this is not one! my teeth are in bad condition ive got loads of fillings and 2 root canals. my gums have started bleeding when brushing too. what should i do? does anyone know what it could be?

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Hi Gwen, may I suggest you make an immediate appt to see your dentist and get this and other problems checked out especially the bleeding gums.

You may need some treatment to sort it out. Dentists are used to mouth problems so he will check the lump in the roof of your mouth to make sure it is ok.

I haven't had a lump in the roof of the mouth but have had one on my tongue which I got my GP to look at when I was there and he said it was just a cyst and I had probably caught it with my teeth.

Hope that helps. LavendarLady x


Thanks LavenderLady. i will make an appoinment first thing ill elt u know how i get on!! x


Oh i am suffering badly with mouth ulcers at the moment, they are the worst!

You sound like you have a canker sore, as LL says get thee to the dentist.

REgards, Gina.


Hi gwen, yes go see dentist. But may be 2 different things and you're just noticing lump cos your mouth hurts. I've got a lump in my mouth which is hard but completely painless, and was told it's a benign cyst that is totally harmless so you may well have something similar But you need to watch gum disease so do get gums checked asap. Polly


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