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Very confused

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I posted a couple of months ago about my swollen fingers and not being able to make a fist. I've been waiting patiently for the meds to kick in and for them to return to normal. Well I just had my second appointment with my consultant (a different one). She examined them, and said that's not RA, it's the fleshy parts of the fingers that are swollen, it would be more around the knuckles if it was RA. I really don,t know what to do next.

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Hmm.. Sounds like she dismissed it as being RA connected but missed out on the what you might do about it part. Sounds like a trip to the GP. Do you have circulatory issues i.e. swollen ankles? I find my fingers swell if they are idly dangling by my sides for a long time, but soon depuff when used! Hope you get it sorted soon. Disappointing!

It can be frustrating when you don't have a productive appointment, especially when it's with someone other than your Rheumy. Was there any other explanation, an idea of what the swelling is if not RD? Even if it was OA the inflammation would still be centred around your joint, more square though. If it's the fleshy part of your fingers that may be fluid build-up but it needs determining what's causing it, even if she is correct in saying it's not RD, which would makes sense if they've not responded to your meds. I wonder if it was your Rheumy's Registrar you saw, unless she introduced herself as a Consultant?

Thank you both for your replies. Yes it was the registrar. They seem to swell more after using them a lot, so I am not sure if it is circulation related. She refered me for Phyisiothreapy so I will wait to see what they recommend.

Hmmm my knuckles get very swollen with an RA flare

However, I am very sensitive to sodium

It can bring about a big flare

Have to stay away from soy sauce, smoked meats and many restaurant foods :(

Especially if I am not getting enough water.

I can retain so much water I get what I call man hands

My fingers swell so bad you can’t even tell O have knuckles!

It makes RA worse!

Mine swell at the base of my fingers, worse with atmospheric changes and overdoing things. Annoying when they dismiss something. It has to be related, if it’s in your joints. I cannot bend my wrists now, my physio made me some hand exercises for the pool, they seem to help some movement and ease their stiffness. I used to play the guitar, I miss that.

Think you need a second opinion ,hate when they dismiss you like that😠,Thing is if they don't get to the root cause they can't treat it .Keep at it until they find out what it is ,good luck😉

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sickofra in reply to Magymay

I agree----get a second, or even third opinion!

My hands are the same I can’t make a fist and my knuckles are fused see several consultants I have RA but the knuckles are not swollen and I was told it a rare condition not connected to the RA a operating on them can’t be given a successful rate so I will just carry on u brill I can’t cope with the deformed hands

Was reading a leaflet about PSA relating to swollen hands and it said fingers like sausage digits 😂😂😂😂I can relate to that,it's a good resemblance,😂it did make me laugh😄😄😄thank god for my sense of humour,makes it a little more bearable😉

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